Contento - The Web-App That’s Redefining Content Placement

Content placement web-app Contento connecting PR agents and marketers with a vast network of top media and blogs. Taking advantage of the now $150B+ content marketing spend.

Over the past decade, the media industry has changed significantly. Gone are the days when an expensive lunch could swing you a full-page editorial or product placement. The majority of media and blogs are now pay-to-play.

Banner ad income has been driven down to $4USD per thousand impressions. For most blogs, the time and cost of turning a press release into a meaningful article outweighs the advertising income. Editors are now looking for more content and more revenue, at less resource. Blogs are starting to remove banner advertising all together and opting for a pay-wall or paid content model.

PR has always been a staple in any good marketing strategy. However, the researching, emailing, and communication with editors has always been soul-sucking, and incredibly combersome work.

After months of interviews and chats, Carl Thompson and Nelson Shaw started to build a solution that would work for both brands and publishers.

Contento allows brands, and agencies, to offer unique articles to media and blogs for native use. Publishers can view the full article and choose to place a publishing fee on it, or not.

The brand will get back multiple quotes from publishers and select one offer that suits them best.

Publishers on Contento have self-registered and are willing to accept articles from brands and agencies. New publishers are signing up daily; from niche titles to big global titles.

PR and marketing agencies are looking for niche publications that have a high-quality, targeted audience. Contento gives marketers direct access to media without the cold emails, back and forth communication, and relationship building lunches.

Contento saves marketers and PR agents countless hours.

Created in New Zealand, Contento now has over 700 publishers and over 800 brands using the system.

Quality is paramount to Contento and all new publishers are vetted, as well as new articles. This meaning that only high-quality articles get offered to high-quality publishers.

There's now one billion blogs on the internet, an average of two million new blog posts every single day, and the content industry is estimated to be worth over three billion dollars this year.

Content marketing has been widely adopted by marketers all over the world and is here to stay. Contento plans to be at the forefront of content placement.

About Content
Contento is a web-app that allows brands and agencies to offer articles direct to top media and blogs. The Contento platform is connecting PR agents and marketers with a vast network of top media they wouldn't otherwise have access to. It's media placement made easy.

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