Content Marketing Myths Debunked by Daniel Tan of PRWire Asia

Content marketing misconceptions have been debunked by Daniel Tan, founder of PRWire Asia, to prevent them holding businesses back from greater online success.

Daniel Tan is a content marketing expert who is speaking out against persistent myths about content marketing that hold businesses back from enjoying greater success online. As an experienced consultant, Daniel is commonly confronted by the same resistance and scepticism around content marketing, leading him to speak out to put an end to illusions about the medium.

The most common myth, and the first to be debunked, is that content marketing would not work for a given industry or business. Conversely, Tan claims this amounts only to a lack of imagination, and counters that ‘dry’ firms like GE and shipping company Maersk still make their content a success.

Daniel explains that the second most common myth surrounds a polarization of budget – either that it is ‘free marketing’ or that it costs a fortune. Tan asserts that neither is true, but a balanced approach to investment can lead to outstanding ROI.

Another essential issue is that of metrics, with many claiming content marketing is an intangible approach whose benefits can’t be measured. By sharing cutting edge KPIs and insight tools, Daniel illustrates how results can be tracked, and importantly explains that shares, likes and comments are not metrics.

Daniel Tan explained, “If content is popular but doesn’t convert, it can’t be said to be doing its job. Content can convert, and it can do it better than many other approaches. What’s more, it can do it for any business. These are comments I have to address every day with new clients, so I felt it was time to try and draw a line under them, and do my part to change perceptions within SMEs about the potential for content marketing. It really is one of the most exciting disciplines to emerge in a decade, and these misconceptions shouldn’t prevent anyone from reaping the benefits.”

About Daniel Tan:
Daniel Tan is the Founder of PRWire Asia, a leading content newswire. Daniel keeps constant watch over the latest trends and emerging patterns in the world of online marketing and is a regular commentator and speaker on content marketing strategies.

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