Contain-A-Pet Launches To Provide Electrical Fences and Training For Dogs

Contain-A-Pet offers electric pet fences combined with expert pet training to guarantee both cats and dogs will live happily within their new boundaries.

For many owners of dogs and cats, their straying into the road or other hazardous areas is a constant worry, and puts a pressure on them that causes them to restrict their pets freedom and keep them indoors when they would be much happier outside. Electronic underground fencing systems have become a popular means for owners to set safe boundaries for their pets without causing them distress, using Pavlovian conditioning and a static charge that causes learned aversion without harm, psychologically or physically.

Contain-A-Pet offers serious competition in the industry, because they go further to ensure customers and their pets are well taken care of. They offer a one year containment guarantee as well as exclusive pet training for cats and dogs to learn their new invisible dog fence system.

The company provides the most proven type of electronic fence for dogs and cats, which does not include the wireless fence systems as they still have their faults. They distinguish themselves from the competition by offering time with a professional dog trainer to help make the transition healthy and painless for owners and pets alike.

A spokesperson for Contain-A-Pet explained, “We go above and beyond the typical pet fence provider. Along with our underground dog containment systems, we offer expert training for pets to learn their new boundaries in a way that will prevent any distress. The training is quick and easy, and tailored to the pet’s personality. We also offer a full one year containment guarantee so that in the event of our fence failing to contain the pet, the customer gets 100% of their initial investment back- a guarantee more extensive than our primary competitors over at Invisible Fence.”

About Contain-A-Pet
Contain-A-Pet is a full service electronic fence company established in 1995. Made in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty on all electronics, the company offers a one year containment guarantee on most pets. The company is more than the typical electronic fence company- they are dog training professionals that know and understand the complexities of dog behaviors. They train clients’ dogs to happily learn their yard as a boundary, as well as providing the boundary itself.

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