Contact Legend Announces Costas Peppas Best Automation Software For Business

Contact Legend, a workflow automation company based out of Nashville, Tennessee, has announced a new automation software that is arguably the Best Automation Software for businesses in its field. This particular software was designed to support e-mail messages and other forms of communication to customers and clients through the process of automation.

The said automation software eliminates much of the marketing waste that other companies go through, and follows up with only those prospective clients and customers who show real interest in the products or services. The system aids users in focusing more exclusively on these prospective clients because it guarantees a higher level of traffic online and more revenue overall. There are various different mediums to be used through this method of automated communication, which the company has said is laser focused on an unstoppable multi-channel approach to consumer relationships. Famous marketer Costas Peppas has said the following regarding prospective leads:

"Contact Legend reaches out to all your prospects and ONLY follows up with those who are paying active attention to your marketing campaign. Finally a solution that ensures your marketing dollars are spent on the BEST prospects!"

To learn more about the hands off marketing process of what Costas Peppas calls the Best Automation Software in its class, interested parties can visit the website and also find pricing data, product descriptions, and photos of the software at work. It also provides a layout of the methodology behind the success of Contact Legend software by first creating an account, specifying an intro to communications, specifying an intelligent follow up action, and watching the "magic" happen.

Famous marketer Costas Peppas has listed all of the pricing on the company website at, where potential businesses can use the sales pro version of the software for $297 per month, which includes one user license, and basic follow up actions. There is also an enterprise package, which starts at $497 per month and includes 3 user licenses, as well as basic and advanced follow up actions. Finally, for larger businesses, there is the enterprise plus package, which runs at $697 per month and includes 5 user licenses, basic and advanced follow up, and subaccounts for client fulfillment. All of these offers are accessible with a click of a mouse as they are added to a consumer cart and made ready for checkout.

Contact Legend has encouraged new and existing clients wishing to learn more about the software to contact the company through the contact data listed on the website. This allows potential clients to learn more about what the software can do for their company or business in particular. The product has also been observed to be working well for entrepreneurs and startups wishing to eliminate the need for excessive marketing strategies in the field of consumer communication.

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