Consumers Frequently Turn to Chinese Herbs Rather than Relying on Standard Medicine

Chinese herbs reduce the risk of side effects while providing optimal results reports

The World Health Organization, in 2010, estimated 65 to 80 percent of the world's population, approximately three billion people, used naturopathic, holistic medicine as their primary form of medical care. CNN reports that around one half of all medical schools currently offer classes in this type of health care and one in three medications prescribed in Germany are herbs. "People continue to look for alternatives to traditional health care, not only for financial reasons, but also for better outcomes as herbs typically come with few side effects, yet provide better results," Jerome of declares.

Sun Ten remains the largest manufacturer of Chinese herbs in the United States and one of the largest globally. Bringing ancient, time tested formulas to the modern world remains the goal of this company, which offers the most extensive line of tradition formulas in the country and abroad. Using only high quality raw materials, Sun Ten produces traditional formulas along with their Healthy and Natural line and Probotanixx line, products designed to address common, modern ailments. "Consumers looking to buy Chinese herbs frequently turn to Sun Ten to ensure they are obtaining herbs that will do the intended job with minimal risk," Jerome explains.

One reason many turn to Chinese herbs is to support healthy immune system functioning as the immune system is the human body's first line of defense. Red Moon Herbs manufactures two products designed to help users boost their immune system. "Elder Berry supports healthy immune function and Reishi Mushroom supports deep immune function while promoting adaptation to stressors. These are just two examples of the high quality products offered at, products designed to improve immune system functioning and overall health," Jerome continues.

As more become aware of the risks associated with prescription or over-the-counter medications, which are designed to take over the biochemistry of the body, they choose to turn to alternative medication options, such as Chinese herbs. "The American Medical Association encourages members to become better informed when it comes to holistic medicine, possibly due to 74 percent of the American population stating they desire a natural approach when it comes to their health care. Thanks to the increased interest in alternative treatments, strives to offer a wide range of products deisgned to meet consumer needs and consumers now have access to quality Chinese herbs and many other products which allow them to take this natural approach when it comes to their personal health," Jerome proclaims.

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Chinese Herbs distributes high quality Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbs, all guaranteed to be unadulterated and free of heavy metals. Primary lines distributed include Sun Ten, Seven Forest, Red Moon Herbs, Healthy and Natural and Banyan Botanicals, lines manufactured in the United States under strict quality standards. Chinese herb formulas have a 2,000 year history of proven effectiveness. Chinese Herbs strives to create a link between customers and passionate, dedicated practitioners committed to embodying the science of Herbalism while providing convenient and prompt service to customers.

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