Consumers Embracing Solar Panels To Ease Winter Fuel Bills

Today consumers are facing Global Fuel shortages, escalating electricity costs and diminishing standards of living, consumers are getting serious about renewable energy as an alternative fuel source.

With the average annual electricity bill now coming in at £1127, consumers are getting more serious about turning to other energy sourcing solutions. In 2011 there were 45,000 homes who had installed Solar Panels, this leapt to 370,000 in January 2013 - a growth of over 700%.

Nowadays, the UK cost of living can be frighteningly expensive. Not only does the price of energy continually rise, but food prices are putting consumers under further financial pressure. It’s become an essential practice to closely balance expenses with income, more so for those who are in retirement.

One solution that is proving to take the economic pressure off is solar panel installation. Solar panels offer excellent financial solutions to homeowners in more ways than one. They lower expenses whilst creating a much needed income.

The latest design of solar panels make it possible to heat water to a temperature of 55°, cater to all the electric needs of the home, and any surplus energy can be sold on to the energy companies. This means that there are no electricity bills to manage every month and the household could enjoy an annual income of around £645 (according to www.energysavingtrust).

The new designs mean that solar panels can deliver a generous output, even in winter. They no longer have to be installed to face the sunnier direction of south and can operate in low light conditions so that even cloudy days can produce a good output. Consumers don’t have to be concerned about their roofs roof as they don’t cause any damage and the only roof that they cannot be installed on are thatched roofs.

Karen Hird who runs Solar & Green, a family run business based in Yorkshire said they saw a sharp rise in the number of people installing solar panels. "It’s not surprising really as it offers security in terms of fuel bills, allows homeowners to be self-sustaining and enjoy a second income. It’s also an enabler when it comes to doing their bit in protecting the environment. The savings can be phenomenal as it’s possible to run the central heating from solar panels, cutting back on gas bills," says Hird.

Many solar panel companies offer free no obligation inspections of homes. This provides homeowners with an opportunity to understand more about the installation and finances involved. To find a reputable installer, check the local telephone book.

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