Consumer Top Launches Website to Guide Consumer Buying Decisions

The mission of is to provide unbiased, reliable and independent information to help consumers make complicated buying decisions more easily

In the 1970s consumers were exposed to approximately 500 ads each day and this number has grown to over 5,000 per day currently. Due to this large number of advertisements, many consumers don’t find this method as convincing as it was in the past. Instead, up to 88 percent of consumers state they trust online reviews to make buying decisions.

In an effort to help simplify the buying process, now offers a website dedicated to rankings and reviews from real consumers. Expert reviews are often helpful, but they also pose a number of issues.

“Most expert reviews are based on the opinions of experts, which means they can be extremely different depending on who they are written by,” stated Consumer Top representative Evan Parker. “With an expert review, you are getting information from someone who only tested a product for a short period of time, usually less than a day, in a closed environment. As a result, they aren’t able to foresee how the products are going to work as time passes and last, or function in any other environment.”

Due to the limited time that experts spend with a product, there are certain aspects they see as important, but the average user may not see as important. Additionally, 59 percent of consumers consult with people they know prior to making a purchase. These people are going to value the same features and components of a product, which ensures they are getting an opinion that matters and that is relevant.

“At, we have worked hard to resolve the issues associated with expert reviews,” continued Parker. “Each of the reviewers on our website validates the products and then work to create a guide based on expert information, consumer data and product tests. We also include various information in the guides in order to provide the full spectrum of information that is needed for consumers to make informed purchase decisions.”

The mission of is to offer reliable, unbiased and independent information to help consumers make complicated purchasing decisions more easily.


Consumer Top is a unique website designed to offer consumers a reliable, unbiased and independent information to help individuals make complicated purchasing decisions more easily. Armed with information is the best way to find the best of the best when purchasing any product. Organized and easy to use, the website is regularly updated to ensure consumers can have information about the latest products being introduced to the market.

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