Considerable Online Drug Savings For Previously Overcharged Colchicine Patients Named The Online Pharmacy Solution For High Colchicine Prices

Today, announced substantial savings for Colchicine, a medicine commonly used to treat “gouty arthritis,” in response to U.S. drug companies taking advantage of patients. The U.S. drug industry has overcharged for Colchicine in spite of this drug being on the market for 200 years. Though Colchicine has been commonly available, and there is nothing new in its formula, a 0.6mg dose in U.S. drugstores is $590 for 100 pills., a verified international online pharmacy always sells Colchicine for 90% less than in the U.S. sells consumers “traditionally expensive” name brand drugs for much more affordable prices than patients would normally be charged in U.S. pharmacies. There is no competition for brand name drugs in the U.S., as the FDA approves and honors high-prices for patented drugs. However, Colchicine is a generic drug and is the alternative and solution for consumers paying such exorbitant U.S. prices.

According to, “Colchicine is a common drug for arthritic gout and at one time there were a number of competitor manufacturers in the market. The drug was approved under a petition to the FDA naming Colchicine as a new “Orphan” drug to treat a debilitating disease called “Familial Mediterranean Fever.” The pharmaceutical company, URL Pharma, took advantage of patients and sold the brand name for seven years at very high prices, even though it is a 200-year old drug. The price rose from ten cents to five dollars per pill. That is an increase of 5000%.”

Today, the Colcrys (brand name) sells for $867 for 100 pills, Mitigare, a brand-name competitor charges $755. The U.S. generic sells for $239.37 and the Canadian generic, from international online pharmacies, only $41. The idea that U.S. drug companies and U.S. pharmacies have free reign to charge whatever they want to is infuriating for patients. Brand name drugs on patent are often sold for exceedingly high prices because a pharmaceutical company has a monopoly, so there is no competition. Allowing generic drugs in the U.S. market was supposed to increase competition and lower prices, but the re-branding of Colchicine shows just how dysfunctional the U.S. system really is. The ones who suffer are the patients.

According to experts, “The FDA has a peculiar philosophy about drug importation. It allows pharmacy chains, drug wholesalers, big box discount drug stores and nursing homes to purchase drugs from all over the world. However, if a U.S. resident tries to buy brand name medications directly from Canadian online pharmacies the FDA claims that this is dangerous.”

The site,, supports the staggering number of U.S. residents who absolutely can not afford their critical prescriptions. So many people want the option to order their medications online, yet come up against perceived safety issues instead of buying “safer, regulated” prescription drugs from a certified U.S. pharmacy. The online marketplace is complex and misperception has lead to accepting these unfair marketplace prescription rules, hindering the public access to affordable medication for those who really need it most. Those who need Colchicine must push back against powerful pharmaceutical industry lobbying, greedy insurance companies and Internet censorship.

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