Conscious Parent Coach Miriam Thiel’s Inspirational Story Of Transformation Takes Her To The Top Of The Amazon Charts

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In ‘Change Makers, Volume 5,’ author Miriam Thiel highlights her groundbreaking work helping parents worldwide to redefine the way they approach raising their children.

Zurich, Switzerland — Dec. 11, 2020 — Any mother has the power within herself to become the kind of parent she wants to be.

This is the guiding idea in the work of Miriam Thiel, a “conscious parent coach” who recently shared her personal journey in the new book “Change Makers: 21 Transformational Stories From Women Making An Impact In The Lives Of Others (Volume 5).”

The book includes stories from women including tech leaders, health experts, artists, healers, inspirational entrepreneurs, and coaches from across the world who share their transformative journeys to serve others, create meaningful businesses, and enrich lives.

Thiel is a Swiss-based certified conscious parent coach who works with parents worldwide to help them foster respect and trust, establish mutual understanding and boundaries, heal generational wounds, and promote peace within parent-child relationships.

Through her “Parently” coaching program, Thiel offers a safe and nurturing space for struggling parents. Her goal is to empower them to transform their homes into places of connection, collaboration, and joyfulness.

“Many of the parents I work with approach parenting like a duty to merely survive through overwhelming days filled with frustration and anger,” Thiel said. “I offer parents a way out so they can start thriving as the parents they want to be.”

Thiel herself grew confident in her ability to disrupt the cycle of intergenerational trauma after breaking free of her ancestors’ deeply ingrained belief that women exist to serve men.

“An essential aspect of this journey is identifying the wounds we carry from our childhood,” she said. “These wounds heavily affect our parenting by showing up as triggers and unwanted patterns. When we start to become aware of them, we can change them consciously and start building healthy relationships grounded in connection, collaboration, and mutual respect.”

Her extensive training, challenging life experience as a woman and mother, and her innate personal qualities have proven to be an extremely powerful source for transformation in the life of herself and others.

Thiel’s full story can be read in the fifth volume of Change Makers. Released this month, the bestselling book has topped multiple Amazon charts in the USA, Australia and Europe. The parenting coach is thrilled to be a bestselling author through the Change Maker series.

“I'm proud of what I have accomplished,” she said. “It's satisfying to pursue a dream and see it unfolding.”

Thiel was selected to share her story by Emma Hamlin, the book’s publisher and founder of Change Maker Press. Hamlin is herself a bestselling author, publisher, and strategic book coaching and marketing expert who founded her company to provide a space for women to be seen and heard.

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