ConnectExplore - Brand New Software To Uncover The Most Profitable Facebook Interests To Target

If companies are struggling with marketing tools that cannot target audiences through FB’s Ads API, they have come to the right direction with the brand new software that not only can access to FaceBook’s Ads API but can also analyze targeted interests – ConnectExplore.

In most niches, advertisers and marketers target the same interest groups.They try to find untapped interests and end up failing because most of current Facebook marketing tools show a limited number of interests to target.

Most companies don’t have rights to access Facebook’s Ads API. Facebook is tremendously strict about which companies they will let to access to their Ads API. Social marketers ought to get through many tests and hoops to get permission.

Many targeting tools cannot access data directly from users' Facebook Ads account because they can only access Facebook’s regular API. Instead, these software rely on Facebook’s regular API. The regular API doesn’t have access to Interests. Other tools only ‘guess’ which interests can be targeted. They have no way to find and verify all the available interests and decrease its users interest targeting.

When these interest targeting is off, fewer visitors click on their ads. This gives users a low click-through-rate. Low click-through-rates make Facebook administration team think you are providing a bad user experience, something they want to avoid at all costs. Thereby, Facebook will charges its users much more for their ads if they don’t get these interest targeting right.

Seeing these trends, Wilco de Kreij from Connectio Company figured there had to be a better way to find profitable interests to target and he created ConnectExplore tool that can capable of finding targeted audiences that are hidden from your competition, rating those audiences for profitability, & helping you serve precise ads for maximum ROI.

Let take a look at some of its features:
• Pre-qualifies every interest that are highly relevant for use’s keywords
• Shows instant performances metrics of every interest – without any guesswork or complicated split testing
• Finds untapped interests that other tools cannot access to
• Adds interests directly to your ad manager – without any cutting and pasting (massive time savings)
• Includes interest ‘layering’ in user’s targeting options
• Without the require for any outside tracking apps to measure results

ConnectExplore works in a 4 simple steps procedure:
• Discovery: Find targeted interests.
• Filter: Seek for the most potential interests and most engaged audiences to your offers.
• Target: Apply results to specific interests for the optimal ROI opportunity.
• Analyze & Scale: Estimate interests which are working best. Your ads perform at the highest level, putting money back into your pocket

The biggest difference between ConnectExplore and other FB’s tools is that ConnectExplore integrates fully with Facebook’s Ad API. Facebook extends only some excepted companies this privilege after passing stringent requirements. This means ConnectExplore are able to access data others competitors are incapable of. It allows users to perform deeper searches than their competitors – and access in-depth analytics. Also, it means ConnectExplore can connect directly with your ad manager.

Even if users are brand-new to Social Marketing, there is a comprehensive video training library which will walk them through every progress inside ConnectExplore. Moreover, if users get stuck at any point, the company’s support desk is available to assist at any time.

ConnectExplore is beneficial for:
• CPA Marketers: receive more targeted traffic to increase profits efficiently
• Affiliate Marketers: Scale up marketers' offers quickly by targeting customers who are invisible to their competitors
• List Builders: get more leads for less expense by the ability to optimize their ad sets.
• Local marketing consultants: Perfect for local businesses and those who want to avail lucrative foreign markets opportunity as well.
• eCommerce Marketers: Find interests they never knew their customers had and gave them tons of ideas to sell their product like a hot cake.
• Social Media Marketers

There is also a 30-day trial access to the award-winning Facebook marketing suite called ConnectSuite from the company if marketers buy this product at this time.

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