Comprehensive Free Guide On How To Support Someone With Cancer

The website releases a new series of comprehensive guides with a long article on cancer caregiver support.

Healthy Today is a website on health and fitness that was launched last year. The site has a special section dedicated to coping with cancer, where they now have published the first guide in a new series of longer articles they call "comprehensive guides". The first guide in the series is about how to support someone with cancer.

These comprehensive guides are roughly equivalent to the length of a long report or a short book. The content is provided free of charge to all site visitors, but before becoming visible the page requires the visitor to "like" the page through Facebook first.

Cancer is something that will touch the lives of almost all people sooner or later. Whether it is in the form of a direct diagnosis or getting the dreadful news that someone among family or friends now suffer from cancer. For many people it is also one of those "it is never going to happen to me" areas of life that is rarely thought of unless absolutely necessary. The reality of course, is that cancer can strike anyone - even those that seem to be the very image of perfect health.

While the burden of the disease naturally is heaviest for the actual cancer patient, it can be very tough on people close to him or her as well. The caregiver of a cancer patient will need a lot of both emotional and physical strength in order to help their loved one fight the disease.

The first comprehensive guide on Healthy Today is aimed specifically at the people in a cancer patient's support network. It is titled "Cancer Caregiver Support – How To Help A Loved One Fight Cancer" and is a ten part report with suggestions on what to do when a loved one is diagnosed.

It covers everything from dealing with the initial reaction and normal stages of behavior - for everybody involved - to coping mechanisms, practical issues, advocacy, accountability, communication, healing and much more. In short, it is designed to quickly give you all the initial tools for coping when the unthinkable horror of a cancer diagnosis happens.

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