Comprehensive '100K Factory' Guide & Bonus Creates Buzz, As New Facebook Ad Tool Launches

Newly released 100K Factory generates controversy in internet marketing industry. Hanif Quentino releases exclusive guide & premium bonus for 100k Factory. HootSuite announces new Facebook ad tool.

The newly released 100K Factory System, explained at, is generating controversy in the internet marketing industry due to its bold case studies showing newbies building full-time online businesses in under 60 days. In related news, Hootsuite release a brand new Facebook tool, which can help 100K Factory users achieve better results from their campaigns.

An in-depth 100K Factory guide has been published by IM expert Hanif Quentino, who is best known for his expertise in organic traffic generation and conversion rate optimization. There's also a Premium bonus being offered on Hanif's review site:

100K Factory is a training system, software suite and coaching program that leverages immediate traffic generation techniques and combines them with effective monetization strategies to build an accelerated business. 100K Factory users can take advantage of the new announcement made by Hootsuite, which is well-known to marketers, website owners, small business owners and more. Now, HootSuite seems to want to make ad tech a little easier for people, as they have launched a brand new Facebook ad tool.

The truth is that marketers know that the free ride on the world's largest social media site is now over, and now if they want to reach plenty of people, they need to be willing to spend some money to advertise on the site. However, the difficult thing is how to spend the money and when to exactly spend it, and the truth is that many people don't have the time to spend researching. Many people also don't have the expertise when it comes to ad spending and advertising on social media.

Hootsuite's brand new tool offers a number of benefits, with one of them being that the ad creation on Facebook is automated. The tool does this analyzing posts by a Facebook Page, or by a user, as well as suggesting the best candidates when it comes to promotion, and best of all, users can pick four objectives. Those objectives include building awareness, increasing followers or fans, as well as increasing engagement or try to drive referral traffic.

The tools will certainly fill a void in the ad tech sector, and that is according to an VP over at HootSuite, and these tools should benefit those working in organizations of all sizes. Also, it is worth mentioning that HootSuite is the world's most used social management platform, as they have 10 million users that are located from all around the world, and not only that, but when it comes to making social ad buying decisions, these tools may provide people with more authority.

When using the tool, the user will be able to select a post that they want to promote. Once that is completed, the tool will handle the ad placing and it does this automatically. In addition, it will also handle the bidding and it will even take care of the details when it comes to targeting, and adjustments can be made if needed.

Hanif Quentino's in-depth 100K Factory review, along with his premium 100k Factory bonus offer, can be seen here:

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