Competitor Keyword Analysis, Climbing the SERP Rankings With RankingGap

Explore and understand the benefits of competitor keyword analysis as one of the SEO strategies used by many digital marketers and content creators.

Among the many SEO strategies there are today, competitor keyword analysis is one of the strategies used by many digital marketers and content writers. With competitor keyword analysis, you’ll be able to find ranking keywords that both you and your competitor’s website have or don't have at all.

Why Use Competitor Keyword Analysis?

We all understand that, as a business, we want to rank on the first page of Google for the main keywords that we want to rank on. But often, we’ll have competitors in our space with similar keywords, and if the different keywords that our competitors are ranking on are the same as the keywords we want to rank on, then that’s going to be a setback for us. 

It’s that setback that competitor keyword analysis can really help you with. By looking at the keywords that your competitors are ranking on, you’ll be able to identify which ones are highly desirable to the majority of Google searchers. After all, it’s not likely that your competitor’s keywords, of which they are ranking very high, are even that desirable to most searchers.

How To Use Competitor Keyword Analysis In Your SEO Strategy

A competitor keyword analysis isn't an activity you can do in a single day, which is why it’s best to work on it in small intervals of one or two days. One key thing to remember is that every person on the planet will have competition in any area of their life. So, if your goal is to climb the Google rankings, you can’t just rely on your knowledge of the industry alone. 

You have to find out more about the search engine, Google, and all the other SEO-related factors that are relevant to your brand. A competitor keyword analysis is a good way to determine your positioning relative to your competitors. You can use competitor keyword analysis to find out which keywords your website and your competitors are ranking for in Google using the RankingGap tool.

How To Implement Competitor Keyword Analysis Into Your SEO Strategy

Finding and analyzing competitor keywords is relatively straightforward. As a first step, you’ll need to conduct competitor keyword research and ranking analysis. Asking yourself a few simple questions before you get started: Do your competitors rank in my industry? Do they rank for the keywords you have or don’t have? Do their site speed tests rank higher? 

When creating an SEO strategy for your website, take into account the fact that different online businesses employ different search engine optimization strategies. Some have created an all-in-one SEO strategy, whereas others have created more of a niche-specific strategy. However, it’s still necessary to do competitor keyword analysis because the results can help you prioritize a different approach to SEO for your site.


Keyword search in Google is an extremely important metric that informs the publishing or consumption of relevant content. By putting in a lot of time and effort to analyze and learn how Google ranks content, your business can see an increase in sales and traffic.

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