Competition Heats Up in Direct Selling Travel and Tourism Sector 2013

Growth of Travel and Tourism in 2013 creates hotbed of competition in T & T Industry.

Travel and tourism contribute more to global GDP than the automotive industry, and it’s no secret that this 8 trillion dollar industry is growing 23% faster than the global economy, and is predicted to double over the next few years. People love to travel, which no doubt explains the rubber ball resiliency of this exciting industry. When there are major shocks and it takes a hit, it always comes back, and after recovering continues to grow. As an industry sector it can withstand terrorist attacks, wars, catastrophic natural disasters, and recession.

Despite costs rising and people having less money to spend on luxuries, they are still spending on travel. In the next twenty years 2 billion new middle-class consumers will come of age, and it's a sure bet they’re all going to have one thing in common, a passion for travel. In the days when monarchies ruled the world, only the nobility could enjoy leisure activities, then as democracy and the industrial age became established boxing and horse racing were considered the sports of kings, but in the emerging global republic, travel and tourism will be the royal pastime of the masses. Right now, what could be the greatest World Commerce War in global history, is heating up, and will be fought from every class/status level of every country, with weapons designed not to kill and maim, but to delight, pleasure, lure, attract, and fulfill dreams.

With increasing demand comes increasing supply. And there’s one arena of supply where the fighting of World Commerce War 1 is already becoming fierce – The Direct Selling Travel and Tourism Sector arena. Anyone looking for a lifestyle change, greater income, more flexibility will find no shortage of seemingly attractive and plausible home business opportunities. And in fact a lot of people are looking, and around 175,000 of them take that first step toward getting started in a home based business every week.

World Discovery Club (Located in Duluth, Atlanta Georgia) was built not to just be a mere competitor in the Travel Club Membership sector, nor to just get a piece of the multi trillion dollar pie, it was designed and built specifically to enter the battlefields of both the Travel and Tourism Industry and The Direct Selling industry, and dominate. That has been the vision from the very outset. To be absolutely frank, some of the benefits of a World Discovery Club membership far exceed mere benefits or “great discounts” or even “extreme value for money” and members can stay in luxury resorts, in beautiful and exotic places, places that are considered to be prime destinations in the Travel and Tourist industry, for as little as $2 a night.

As for the array of other benefits members get access to, they are literally too extensive to list here, but some deserve a quick mention:
– private exclusive access to villas valued anywhere between $3 million to $15 million
– exclusive access to luxury condo resorts not available to the general public
– every cruise ship on the planet with discounts of up to 85%
- access to over 600 private airport lounges.

These represent some heavy artillery for World Discovery Club as they enter the age of Tourism War and World Commerce War 1. And having the largest inventory of condos and resorts on the planet, not to mention a hugely impressive array of other big guns loaded with everything and anything related to Travel and Tourism, plus a Direct Selling business model that’s been designed to nuke all other models on the Direct Selling Travel and Tourism battlefield, this company is a-ten-hut ready to rule the Travel Club Membership sector for a long time to come.

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Organization: Flying Scotsman Travel
Address: 4 Ranui St, Waikawa Bay, Picton, New Zealand
Phone: 0081 11 215 5220

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