Comper EyePaw — A Six-in-One Multifunctional Eye Beauty Smart Device is Released Today

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Comper Healthcare launched cutting-edge and versatile EyePaw, a revolutionary product for eye beauty and health.

Comper Healthcare, emerging leader in the healthcare smart device industry, has been dedicated in the artificial intelligence application and smart devices R&D in the healthcare scenarios. We are glad and thrilled to announce that our new product is released today. Introducing you the cutting-edge and versatile EyePaw as a game-changer stepping into the skincare industry for your eye beauty and health.

What is Comper EyePaw?

The Comper EyePaw is a medical-grade skincare device with a paired mobile app for dealing with beauty and health issues around your eyes. It includes several types of advanced technology at two ends for different treatments – one end is the Cat’s Paw, for your daily anti-aging needs against wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. The opposite end, the Cat’s Eye, provides relief when suffering from eye fatigue, dark circles or puffiness.

EyePaw Dedicated for Your Eye Beauty and Health

Our eyes are important for our beauty as well as our health in this digital age. Especially as of recent, during the COVID-19 crisis, the world has relied heavily on screens to stay connected. Exposure to damaging rays accelerates the aging process in the vulnerable area around our eyes, posing serious skin and healthcare risks.
We need to take preventative measures against damaging our eyes inadvertently, because although the various tiny issues may not seem important enough to waste time on, they can build up until they become something more detrimental.

Two Smart Ends, One Device to Address All of Your Eye Problems

- The PAW end

MMFP awakens your skin with new technology
The Modulated Medium Frequency Pulse (MMFP) vibrates at around 200,000 Hz with radiofrequency energy, reaching all skin layers to boost collagen count. Its micro-currents lift and tighten muscles around the eyes.

ENI amplifies the effect of anti-aging essence
The Electroporation & Nutrition & Import (ENI) releases electrons to penetrate cells in deep skin layers with anti-aging essence, directly reinforcing nutritional supports from the base up.

UMB, a gym coach for your eyes
United Muscle Booster (UMB), an easy and automatic exercise that conditions your muscles around the eyes by dynamic simulations.

- The EYE end

MASSAGE erases your eye fatigue

A massage with high-frequency vibrations (12000 RPM) promotes nutrient absorption and boosts circulation around the eyes. It’s beneficial to eliminating eye bags and dark circles.

HEATING provides warmth and relief
Known as thermotherapy, it provides safe, comfortable heating at 42°C, relieving your eyes from fatigue and poor circulation.
COOLING calms the mind and refresh the skin
Cools down to temperatures of around 19°C to ease sore and puffy skin.

How effective is the EyePaw?

Story behind Comper

Comper is a female-run startup founded by Du Han, a serial entrepreneur and Kickstarter creator. We are passionate about developing medical technologies to give women a professional beauty service at home. Comper gives women the best result for their skincare at the lowest cost and shortest time.

Most ordinary skin products are only effective the epodermis of the skin, but the aging of the skin starts from the bottom. This is the only device that can take care of your skin’s musculature and dermis. We believe it is a rising trend that domestic beauty scene will start to use more professional equipment, and you deserve only the best.

Our products have obtained CE, FDA and CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) approval/
Founded in 2014, Comper Healthcare is a leading company with independent designers, R&D, manufacturers, and a supplier of smart medical devices.

Contact Info:
Name: Spencer Yang
Email: Send Email
Organization: Comper Healthcare
Address: SOHO-T1-B0710, No.10 Wangjing St., Chaoyang District, Beijing 100102, China

Release ID: 89063777

Name: Spencer Yang
Email: Send Email
Organization: Comper Healthcare
Address: SOHO-T1-B0710, No.10 Wangjing St., Chaoyang District, Beijing 100102, China