Compare Water Systems Launches to Review Home Water Filtration Systems

Compare Water Systems has published a new and comprehensive suite of product reviews and editorials on home water filtration to help consumers get the best solution available.

Many Americans have become increasingly concerned that the water flowing into their homes is not as clean as they would imagine. Indeed, the water flowing out of faucets is subject to hundreds of potential contaminants, including everything from chlorine to estrogen to industrial solvents and potential hazardous organic compounds. As a result a larger number of people than ever are looking into whole house water filters, and Compare Water Systems is regularly publishing reviews to help people find the right solution. In their latest posts, they have begun to compare water softeners and compare water filters from major manufacturers to crown the best manufacturer for consumers.

The comparison reviews offer detailed breakdowns of several competitors and introduce their products, the unique selling points, the way the systems work, the individual features and a guide to their prices before comparing them directly and seeing how the factors trade-off against one another. They conclude by declaring a superior product on the individual factors and on overall performance.

The site also provides useful reviews on specific problems, including how to avoid online scams when shopping for filters, how to choose a chlorine-removal filter, advice on water softeners and information on discounts and offers to help people get the best deals.

A spokesperson for Compare Water Systems explained, “Of all the products we have reviewed and tested so far, we have come to the conclusion that EvoClear products represent the most advanced and comprehensive solution to in-home water purity we’ve seen, and their solution is surprisingly simple. By attaching the filter to the water source before it enters the home, it saves on adding so many additional filters to faucets, shower heads and heating systems because all the water flowing to everywhere is clean, clear and soft. We have more information about these systems on our website.”

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Compare Water Systems regularly discusses home water filtration, with reviews of new filtration products, hints and tips for keeping pipes and faucets clean and healthy and ideas for purifying water and softening water. The website and regularly provides independent news, reviews and inspiration.

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