Company Reveals Startling Facts Behind High Protein Diets

Healthy Living Online, a new blog urging consumers to analyze health supplement ingredients and scrutinize public information, is launching a feature on protein diet myths.

Protein diets are high on the list of controversial nutritional plans for losing and maintaining healthy weight, or so claims Healthy Living Online, a new health-centered blog that provides online content and free newsletter updates.

Most of the arguments against high protein foods are based on misinformation. High protein consumption has been accused of creating chemical imbalances leading to stroke, heart disease and atherosclerosis. It’s claimed that animal proteins cause calcium loss from the bones. It is also stated that high protein causes kidney stones and acidifies the blood, leading to greater mineral loss in the urine.

The consumption of high protein foods does none of the above. It is the excessive intake of cholesterol that leads to strokes, heart disease and cancer, not protein. Dairy products, eggs, meat and hydrogenated oils all contain cholesterol. Cholesterol is an important source of vitamin D, is used by the body for making hormones and helps individuals digest their food. Only when the body builds up too much cholesterol along the artery walls, does it create potential damage to health. People may be at risk of toxic cholesterol build-up if they smoke, have diabetes, or a family history of heart disease. Trans-fats, found in hydrogenated oils, is the greatest cholesterol health risk.

A high protein diet does cause a calcium loss in urine, no matter how many proteins are absorbed. The studies to support the calcium loss claim did use whole foods, but isolated amino acids and fractured protein powders. Meat containing protein fats, fat soluble Vitamin A and Vitamin D, calcium and minerals contain the correct protein balance needed for providing strong, healthy bones.

However, the beneficial aspects of eating meat are lost in grain fed livestock. Grazing animals, such as cattle were meant to feed on grasses, not grain. High protein shakes contain the balance of vitamins, calcium and minerals needed for healthy absorption without sacrificing any of the protein benefits of eating range-fed animal products.

Proteins do not cause kidney stones. Proteins and Vitamin D are needed for properly maintaining an acid/ alkaline content in the body. Restricting simple sugars, and including magnesium and vitamin B6 in a high protein diet will balance the acid/alkaline content essential for properly functioning kidneys.

There are numerous vegetables, fruits, and legumes containing the essential proteins needed for a protein rich diet. The difficult part is taking them in the right quantities to satisfy the nutritional needs that are often met from eating meats. Experts believe that fruits and vegetables should be juiced to reach the optimum requirements. Shakes should also contain antioxidants, such as those found in red seeded grapes, pomegranates, blueberries and cranberries.

A high protein diet is necessary for bone strengthening calcium replacement and muscle tone. It is an essential part of the digestive process, balancing the body’s acid and alkaline chemistry. High proteins can prevent osteoporosis and hip fracturing in women. Protein deficiencies can leave the body feeling fatigued. A high protein shake containing vitamins, minerals, calcium, fiber, anti-oxidants, as well as vital proteins are the convenient way to ensure a person has all the nutrients he or she needs to remain fit and healthy.

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