Companies Struggling to be Found On Google explore New Methods

Last year, Google accounted for just over 75% of all global search traffic, trailed by Bing at 9.97%, Baidu at 9.34%, and Yahoo at 2.77%. To win at SEO, companies have to play by Google's rules

Companies are fighting tooth and nail over the question, "Is SEO dead?" That would be like asking is the internet extinct? Back in 2010, Google initiated 516 algorithm changes. That figure increased to 1,653 in 2016 and 3,234 in 2018. As of now, not many agencies have data for the last couple of years, however, still, companies can bet that the number is constantly going up

Google makes over nine algorithm changes a day, so it's safe to say that it is no longer an easy game to manipulate or TRICK Google. So it forces many brands to explore the data, but many are not doing so correctly. Roughly 5.6 billion searches per day are happening within. That's over 2 trillion searches each year. That's a lot of searches; there is also a lot of content being created. There are approximately a billion blogs on the web.

In addition to their outrages algorithm, Google is turning into an answer engine in which they are answering people's questions without them having to go to a website. People still utilize Google and prefer the search engine as their method of the platform. But what's shifted is how Google is being used. Over the last ten years, many people used platforms like Instagram for discovery and google as a means of purchasing. The social trend has shifted over the previous five years. Now Instagram is being used for commerce, and google is mostly used as a discovery platform.

The term SEO isn't dying; it is just changing, and companies who do not follow the ever-changing trends will be left in the dust of google pages.

Mckenzie Santa Maria, Manager of Knackmedia and The Recover, a National news source, claims" Googles algorithm even though ever-changing, does not focus on backlinks or keyword density, or a specific SEO outline… the focus is on the user's experience."

"Companies need to start adapting, or traffic and business will be lifeless," she added.

Navigating all the obstacles laid out by google may seem like a daunting task. This is why Mckenzie Recommends Knackmedia, their Founder Kevin Leonard has been in the industry for over 15 years, ranking for some of the industry's hardest Keywords.

Its no secret, the higher a company or brand ranks on Google, the more they will drive traffic, build brand awareness, and increase their overall ROI.

To demonstrate precisely how critical SEO is for a business, recognize that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. People on the first three pages of google are getting 90-80% of the market and visits, SEO will make that your company.

Knackmedia is a team of highly skilled developers and SEO professionals that have mastered the system of growing website traffic and would love to do the same for you! Contact Knackmedia today for SEO analysis and free consultation and give any business the boost it needs to perform online.

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