Companies Launch Social Media Marketing Campaigns For Increased Audience Appeal

Strategic planning of social media marketing key to reaching consumers says founder.

Writing for the financial journal Forbes Magazine, reporter Shawn Porat stresses the importance of strong social media for all businesses and entrepreneurs. He writes, “You need to find the best way for your company to construct a social media following. Companies that follow this approach, find it quite advantageous. While it is low cost to start up, there can be pitfalls for those who do not plan their strategy well.” Porat further states, “What you want to do is find a way to set yourself apart from the others in your field. You need to find your particular audience and then build your brand. At all times you must keep ahead of current social media technology. This is essential for staying ahead of the curve when changes come your way.”

Meeting the urgent demands of businesses of all sizes to develop their own strategies for successful Social Media Marketing is the creative firm of Living Media Ltd. Company founder and Spokesperson Stephan Mayer explains how they expanded into this area of internet marketing. “Early on we were a company that produced Website Design Liverpool businesses knew they could trust. As a creative group, we were also the first to produce many of the original interactive kiosks set up in the UK that educated the public about health matters. Soon after that project, we concentrated our focus back to the field of business marketing. We began to design a new course of media marketing for our clients that explored the best of online activity.”

Mayer further elaborates how they design new marketing strategies for their clients, “We constantly study and monitor the shifting landscape of internet marketing. As such, we know how to help companies utilize all their options when it comes to social media marketing strategies. Businesses get ahead because we work with them to reach their customer base using bold innovation mixed with traditionally proven methods.”

Stephan Mayer stresses that as a creative marketing company, their group takes the stress out of finding ways to reach new online audience members. He states, “First we educate our clients on the right and wrong ways to use social media. Then we craft an effective manner of maximizing its full potential, along with their unique corporate brand. To make sure they stand out from from their competitors, we dutifully research how others are using social media so that we can easily overtake them.” Mayer adds, “We make a point of managing the entire social media experience for our clients. This media approach lets them interact with both current consumers and potential customers. When used correctly, the results are nothing short of brilliant and highly profitable as well.”

About Living Media Ltd:
Living Media has been a successful internet marketing group since its founding in 1997. Operating from their headquarters on the edge of Liverpool in the North West of England, this small group of media marketers has dedicated themselves to creating, developing and managing online marketing for a diverse variety of industries. They use their expertise of online social media to keep their clients abreast of current marketing methods and emerging trends.

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