Companies Find Social Good is Good for Business

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Giving back and doing social good is a growing concept as people embrace the idea of helping others, whether in direct service, or by making regular purchases that donate a portion of the proceeds to a worthy cause.

It doesn’t take much effort to get a toxic dose of negativity these days. From political unrest and wars, to crime reports on the local news, rising gas prices, job dissatisfaction, and challenging familial relationships, people are bombarded with negativity. It is overwhelming.

And, as a result, there seems to be a shift. Businesses are starting to look for something meaningful, something purposeful.They are looking for ways they can give back. From small business to large, social good is on the rise.  And the public is rallying to support it.

TOM’s shoes became well-known, and much-loved, when founder, Blake Mycoskie, incorporated the One for One (TM) program: buy a pair of shoes, and they would, in turn, provide a pair of shoes to a child in need. TOM’s has done well, and has expanded to now help provide safe water, anti-bullying, safe birthing, and more.

Companies have gotten creative with how they give back. CAbi clothing, a direct-sales clothing company, has developed a give-back program, as well. When new stylists sign up, CAbi sponsors a micro loan to a woman in a third-world country so she can start or grow her own business. The CAbi stylist gets to learn about the women she is connected to, which creates an emotional connection and a sense of personal responsibility.

Stefanie Blue, founder of TRUE BLUE Woman (TM), has launched an online membership community for women. Before launching the site, she began having great discussions with women who voiced their desire to live a life of purpose, to do something meaningful. Members of TRUE BLUE Woman (TM) receive insights and inspiration for personal growth and business tips, but the heart of the website is a focus on social good. Women have access to community and causes they can get involved with locally or abroad, as well as places they can shop that give back to individuals or programs that help those in need. It’s about women helping women, and doing social good.

Those interested in personal growth, business, marketing, and branding tips, empowering women, and making the world a better place, are invited to join our powerful community of women at TRUE BLUE Woman (TM).  Visit the site and start a 7-day free trial.

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