Commission Express Spotlights The Pitfalls Of Sell-by-Owner Transactions

For real estate agents to achieve success, they must market their skills effectively and demonstrate how their help leads to a more profitable real estate sale.

Saving money is a powerful incentive for many homeowners who are considering sell their home on their own. It's up to real estate agents to combat this notion with hard facts that illustrate why sale-by-owner deals are often not profitable. Real estate agents must effectively market their skills and exclusive tools in order to influence this demographic and convince them why contracting with a real estate agent is a profitable move.

According to the U.S. National Association of Realtors and the Canadian Real Estate Association suggest that as many as 13% of home sales are conducted by the homeowner. The pitfall for these deals, unfortunately, is that these associations estimate that homeowners are losing out in the deal to the tune of 28%. What real estate agents must learn to successfully market to their audience is that saving a bit on an real estates agent's commission is actually costing sellers thousands at sale time.

Real estate agents must become better at explaining how they generate more at sale time. One of the ways successful agents do this is by telling sellers about the accurate appraisal tools they use when listing a home. Real estate agents have vast access to the current data and trends in their associated housing markets that allow them to more accurately value property. Although homeowners can use the internet to track some information regarding home sales in their area, they simply do not enjoy access to the information-rich databases that real estate agents do. The fact is, without this information, homeowners who sell by themselves are losing out in the deal according to statistics.

Real estate agents are not necessarily marketing pros when it comes to selling houses, but they must learn to effectively market themselves and the skills they bring to each transaction. Real estate agents must explain to sellers how their marketing skills and tools often translate into quick and lucrative sales. While sellers who go it alone may rely on signs in their yard or newspaper ads, real estate agents provide many more avenues for marketing a home and generating interest in a property. The fact is, real estate agents work daily with prospective home buyers and have a vested interest in securing profitable deals between home sellers and buyers.

Commission Express encourages real estate agents to market themselves more rigorously to the for-sale-by-owner demographic. This group is losing money on their real estate transactions and likely will continue to until real estate agents can successfully bring them board. Commission Express can help, by turning pending commissions into immediate revenue.

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