Commercial Industrial Washing Machine Manufacturer Launches New Website

Goldchilly Washing Equipment Co., Ltd, leading supplier in China of commercial quality washing and dry cleaning machines launches new website.

Goldchilly Washing Equipment Company Limited, is all too familiar with the laundry demands of large facilities such as hotels, hospitals, schools, factories and more. Being a leading supplier of industrial grade washing machines for a majority of the major cities in China, which contains a large density of the country’s population, has pushed the company to rapidly improve their washing machine technology in order to keep up with the requirements of places with high laundry needs. With expansion of their facilities underway and exports to other Asian nations as well as some European countries, the company has also announced the launch of their brand new website which can be found at

“We are totally aware that in this modern world, even a company like ours which deals primarily with business owners or directors, rather than individual consumers, still has to present themselves professionally online so thus the launch of our new website”, states Jason Yang, sales manager at Goldchilly. He goes on further to say, “As the sales team has reported to me, we do get asked many questions that come up time and again, so addressing them through our online presence saves us time and helps our potential customers understand more of the options available to them”.

It would normally take hours for a client to email back and forth their requests, plus receive images of potential machines. Now with the website, the complete catalog can be quickly assessed and then more specific questions could be addressed. Since typical orders usually involve acquiring a substantial amount of machines, understanding all the requirements such as power availability and space are critical in making an informed decision.

All of these things are carefully explained through videos and documents on the website to allow a business owner to let their managers collect the proper information. Combined with online chat systems that are in place throughout the website, Goldchilly really has the potential to reach a global audience. Educating customers on the differences of particular washing and dry cleaning machines plus other related clothing care equipment is their passion. If the website helps to convey this while simultaneously attracting more customers to learn more about their brand, then they would wholeheartedly agree it’s a success.

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