Columbus Dentist Offers Oral-Systemic Approach To Dental Care

Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus offers comprehensive dental and oral health care to area residents. The practice is noted for its adherence to the Oral-Systemic approach to health.

Columbus dentist, Barbara L. McClatchie, D.D.S., and the staff at Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus are pleased to bring the methods and philosophy of the Oral-Systemic approach to the residents of Columbus and the surrounding area. The method is designed to improve the overall health and well-being of patients, beginning with oral care. The approach recognizes the inter-relationship between the mouth and the balance of the body.

Dr. McClatchie, DDS provides patients with information about oral health and how important it is to the overall health. Inter-relationships between oral health and other conditions in the body are linked in many ways. The most obvious of these are Diabetes, heart disease, smoking, oral cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory disease and Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), commonly called acid reflux. Oral health also pays a role in bisphosphonate therapy medication, and health during pregnancy.

Health and hygiene, restorative and cosmetic services are each components of the dental services provided to the many patients in the Columbus locale. Regular dental and oral sessions are designed to provide the patient with both wellness and aesthetic assistance in an on-going manner. Cleaning of the teeth should take place twice yearly for most people. Hygienic sessions also address periodontal therapy, sealants and nutrition sessions.

Restorative techniques available from the dentist include fillings, crowns and bridges, implants and extractions. In some instances, the processes include reconstruction of the teeth and jaw. This process is important where there is tooth loss.

For most patients, cosmetic dentistry is important for aesthetic reasons. The patient may need whitening to brighten the smile. The addition of veneers is another way to make the teeth appear more attractive. Bonding adds composite material to the surface of the teeth in order to fill in cracks or chips. The color is perfectly matched to the existing teeth, so that the repair is nearly invisible.

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