Reports Many Rental Cars in the State Lack Snow Tires

Colorado's weather remains unpredictable and driving on all season tires can be hazardous when bad weather strikes, announces Colorado Luxury Car Service LLC

According to, the state receives 300 inches of snow each year in the mountain resorts, with the first now usually arriving in the month of September. Some portion of the state receives snow each month, with the possible exception of August, leading to the need for vehicles to have snow tires a good portion of the year. Colorado Luxury Car Service reports many rental vehicles fail to have the proper tires, which can be hazardous in winter driving conditions.

"Many rental companies in Colorado offer four wheel drive vehicles, yet these vehicles lack snow tires. Instead, rental companies offer vehicles with all season tires, and many consumers believe these are sufficient. Tire Rack found this is not the case, stating a vehicle with all season tires needs 30 percent more space to stop than a vehicle equipped with snow tires. When driving at 30 miles per hour, a vehicle with snow tires requires 60 feet to come to a complete stop during winter weather. In contrast, a vehicle with all season tires needs 90 feet to completely stop at the same speed, and this 30 feet can mean the difference in being engaged in an accident or avoiding one," Jonathan Rose, spokesperson for Colorado Luxury Car Service LLC, explains.

Braking isn't the only area affected when all season tires are used in place of snow tires. Acceleration and cornering also suffer when all season tires are used in winter weather conditions. Snow tires provide increased traction in snow and ice, making them the appropriate tires for winter driving conditions. This same traction isn't found when one uses all season tires.

"Individuals concerned about vehicle performance in winter weather conditions need to look to snow tires. Colorado Luxury Car Service LLC partners Mercedes S550 4 Matic fleet vehicles with snow tires for outstanding results. Never sacrifice safety for luxury. When one chooses this Luxury car service, they don't have to," Rose reports.

Individuals in need of luxury vehicles while visiting find Colorado Luxury Car Service LLC to be the ideal choice. The company provides package deals for executive services, transportation services for those visiting longer than one week, and family vacations. Sit back and leave the driving to the professionals. The luxury car service works to make the trip perfect in every way.

Rose recommends visitors to Colorado travel the state in luxury. The company assists many different clients, including those in need of executive protection services, those looking to travel to and from the airport in style, and those who want to focus on work, rather than trying to navigate their way through an unfamiliar place. Families enjoy making use of the service, because they can focus on the beautiful scenery, as opposed to trying to follow GPS instructions or read a map. Reserve a luxury vehicle today to make one's trip to this beautiful state, one that will be remembered with fondness for years to come.

About Colorado Luxury Car Service LLC:

A locally owned and operated company, Colorado Luxury Car Service LLC provides a different brand of luxury car service. The company offers Mercedes S Class, four wheel drive vehicles to ensure clients arrive at their destination in style. Weather remains unpredictable in the state, and the company recognizes Mercedes vehicles operate better in these conditions than many competitors, including Maybach and Bentley.

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