Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic Launches A New Website For Clients

The website enables victims of injury, poor health or accidents to gain insight into health, find out more about chiropractic technique and contact the clinic for help, reports

Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic announces the launch of its new website, one designed to allow victims of injury, poor health or accidents to learn more about health, obtain information on chiropractic technique and how it may be of benefit to them and to contact the clinic personally for assistance. The new website provides valuable information on what to do to recover physically and financially following a devastating accident and why chiropractic care is the best choice for many. Colorado Springs Chiropractors want individuals to know they have options open to them and all should be considered when seeking medical care.

"The goal of chiropractic Colorado Springs care is to restore and optimize human health. Chiropractors primarily treat the spine, but can help with symptoms throughout the body, not simply in these two areas. The entire human body can be helped to heal and, as the spine is treated, all bodily functions improve. As a result, a health condition of any type may be treated with this method," Ron Salvaggione, founder of the Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic, explains.

Traumatic injuries often bring about the need for medical care, and these injuries may occur through the negligence of another party. When this is the case, attorneys may be involved. Chiropractors need to understand this and be willing to work with the attorneys to ensure the patient receive not only the medical care needed, but help in other areas of their life. Any delay in compensation or disagreement as to who is responsible for medical bills can lead to a delayed recovery or other problems.

Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic staff members recognize the importance of coordination of care that extends outside of the medical field. The staff works with attorneys in a variety of areas. This includes diagnostic dilemmas, cases involving statue of limitations, plaintiff IME impairment ratings, understanding the mechanics of whiplash and soft tissue physiology and teaching the science of ligament tears.

"Finding a chiropractor who is honest, patient and actually there to help is critical, thus the decision should not be made lightly. We work closely with personal injury lawyers to ensure patients receive not only the care they need, but the compensation they deserve for their injuries. When you need to find a chiropractor near me, contact our office for outstanding medical care and personal attention during your time of need. We are ready to assist in any way we can," Salvaggione promises.

About Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic:

The Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic staff, in their 37 years of practice, have learned that many patients have sustained injuries in the past, only to develop related problems in the future. Soft tissue injuries repair with time, as science has shown, yet they are never truly the same as they were before the injury. This is of great importance when it comes to the spine, as this is where the body's nerve system is located. This nerve system controls all bodily functions and any problem in this area prevents the body from functioning in the manner which nature intended. Over time, disease and dysfunction arise, and most spine pain now arises from mechanical dysfunction. Drugs often don't help, as the problem is mechanical, and chiropractic care addresses the mechanics of the human body. Chiropractors educate their patients, offer treatment options and allow the patient to make the decision as to which plan is best for their unique needs.

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