College Student Unprecedented Product Reaches International Success Within Days

They turned their own dilemma into an ingenious idea and an overnight success.

3 college kids are cashing in and making a pretty penny with their ingenious product “Banish Bruises And Hickies”,launched just this week its already being hailed as a new necessity for every person to have.

Painful to the touch and the extreme discoloration make it quite an embarrassment to many. And even worse than bruises are the telltale-signs of a long night out, marked up and down someone’s neck.Cold spoons, pen caps, and makeup are some options that many try and use to hide these painful eyesores. The new product “Banish Bruises And Hickies” contains all-natural properties, helping to restore the dark discoloration back to normal within seconds of applying, and quickly heal the skin from the inside out.

Banish works by using ingredients that expand blood flow, reduce pain and inflammation and helps the skin rejuvenate faster so the embarrassing and painful mark heals faster.These college students launched their new product this week and seem to have hit the jackpot, created 15 minutes before their work shift, "Banish Bruises And Hickies" has turned into one of the hottest selling new products on the market.

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