Colle Farmers Market Explains How To Buy Organic On a Budget

Following an article published in Boca Magazine, Colle Farmers Market, an advocate for the growth of local vegetables, explains how to save money when switching to organic products

BOHEMIA, NY / / Colle Farmers Market, an advocate for the growth of local vegetables, explains how consumers can purchase organic food on a budget.

According to a March 12th article published by Boca Magazine titled "Reasons To Buy Organic, And How To Do It Cheap," organic foods are gaining popularity across the country. Each day, more and more people are buying organic foods, causing the market to skyrocket.

People are becoming more aware of how organic food can benefit their bodies and the environment. Organic food helps reduce chemicals from leaking into ground water and prevents people from consuming harmful pesticides.

A representative at Colle Farmers Market says that buying organic can be good for both the body and the bank account. "Organic food is a great way to eat cleaner and improve your health. Both you and your family can benefit from an organic diet," he says. "Though organic may be the better choice, many people claim they cannot afford paying higher prices for organic food. However, there are several ways to buy organic food when adhering to a strict budget."

Here are a few ways to buy organic, and not break the bank:

1. Buy in Bulk- "To save money, buy organic items when they are on sale," the rep says. "When they are on sale, buy in bulk. Just make sure you are not buying more than you need!"

2. Buy the Dirty Dozen- "The Dirty Dozen are the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables," he says. "When farmed conventionally, these are the foods that have the most pesticides on them. If you cannot afford to purchase all organic, sticking with just these items is a good start."

3. Buy Local Produce in Season- "Buy the items you want from local farmers in season. When you buy from local vendors, you typically get the best price for a better quality item. Generally, there will also be a larger selection and variety of fruit and vegetables when they are in season. You can always freeze them to eat later on."

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SOURCE: Colle Farmers Market

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