Colle Farmers Market Explains 5 Reasons to Buy Into the Organic Market

Following an article posted by The Motley Fool, Colle Farmers Market, a leading online farmers market, explains five reasons to buy into the organic market

BOHEMIA, NY / / Colle Farmers Market, a leading farmers market, explains five reasons to buy into the organic market.

According to a February 26th article posted by The Motley Fool, titled "5 Reasons to Buy Into the Organic Market," organic food sales have been increasing at a "compound annual grown of 16.5 percent during 1998 and 2010" in the United States. The article says the organic food sales grew 16 times faster than conventional food even after accounting for inflation. The article lists five major reasons why the organic market will continue to increase at an impressive rate.

1) 80 percent of parents buy organic. The article says 8 in 10 parents buy organic food. As time goes by, they will continue to purchase even more organic products.

2) Organic farming is increasing outside of the United States. Europe, Asia and India are also starting to purchase organic food over conventional food. It is becoming a popular international market.

3) The passing of the farm bill. Increased funds for the National Organic Program from the new farm bill means better technology, higher standards, and more research for organic farming.

4) Local Farming. Consumers are purchasing more from local markets and local producers.

5) Big companies with all natural alternative brands have been growing extremely fast.

A representative from Colle Farmers Market says that this is not a trend or a fad. "Organic farming is not only healthy for our bodies, but for our Earth. As people start to become more conscious of what they put into their body, the demand for organic food will continue to increase tremendously. Thanks to the passing of the new farm bill, the organic farming industry will have more resources available for a healthy growth, just like our food. As more studies are released, the public will be more aware of the obvious benefits from organic farming."

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