Colle Farmers Market Discusses Why Organic Food Production is Important in The United States

Following an article posted by Women News Network, Colle Farmers Market, an advocate for organic farms, discusses why organic food production is important in the United States

BOHEMIA, NY / / Colle Farmers Market, an advocate of organic farms, discusses why organic food production is important in the United States.

According to an article posted by Women News Network titled "New report highlights importance of U.S. organic food production," the Center for Food Safety's 'Cool Food Campaign' has released a new report detailing the importance of a stable climate needed to maintain food production, and how growing produce organically can be a factor in fighting climate change.

The article says, the "Center for Food Safety 'Cool Food Campaign' also calls on the public to pressure their elected officials to work now on sustainable policies to slow the impacts of climate change. Individuals can support farmers to adopt organic methods by voting with their wallets, outlines the report which also suggests that eating fresh unprocessed organic foods should become the new standard for the U.S."

A representative from Colle Farmers Market explains that methods of conventional farming play an enormous role in global climate change. "Conventional farming is extremely industrialized, utilizing a great deal of machinery to grow produce. These machines are reliant on fossil fuels, which leads to a release of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. It is sad to say, but about half of the greenhouse gases trapped in our atmosphere are caused by food production. Organic farming methods use about half of the energy than conventional farming."

The representative goes on to say, "California, the nation's largest provider of fruits and vegetables, is suffering from the worst drought it has ever seen. Looking back at 2012, 80 percent of land used for agriculture in The United States was affected by droughts. We cannot keep going in the same direction while ignoring the facts. Global warming is real, and conventional farming plays a big part of it."

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SOURCE: Colle Farmers Market

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