Colle Farmers Market Discusses When It's Most Important to Buy Organic Food

Following an article published by Consumer Reports, Colle Farmers Market, an online farmers market, reveals when it's most important to buy organic food

BOHEMIA, NY / / Colle Farmers Market, an online farmers market, discusses when it is most necessary to purchase organic food and why it is important.

According to a March 17th article published by Consumer Reports titled "When to buy organic food: How to shop smarter and healthier," organic food typically costs more than conventionally grown food. However, people constantly debate whether it is necessary or not. While organic food is extremely beneficial for the safety of the environment, most people are not aware of its advantages when it comes to human health.

Consumer reports details why it's more important to purchase organic for certain food items. It is necessary to purchase organic fruits and vegetables, along with certain types of meat and dairy. However, seafood does not always have to be purchased organically. The article says the USDA has not approved organic standards for seafood, so purchasing "organic" fish or shellfish is probably not worth the cost.

Produce - When it comes to conventional fruits and vegetables, the risk of pesticide residue exposure is very high. The article says rinsing off produce doesn't effectively remove all traces of pesticide residue. However, organic fruits and vegetables are absent of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Beef - Studies suggest that grass-fed cattle provide more health benefits than meat from animals fed with grains and treated with hormones and antibiotics. The article says consumers should look for the "American Grassfed Approved" or "USDA Process Verified Grass-fed" labels.

Dairy - Most conventionally raised cows are also treated with growth hormones and fed a non-organic diet. However, the article says, "Research has found that organic milk contains about 60 percent more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than nonorganic versions, a benefit that also extends to cheese and yogurt."

Poultry - Use of antibiotics in conventionally raised chicken and turkey has caused a rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the article explains. Buying organic poultry can help decrease exposure to these types of bacteria.

A representative at Colle Farmers Market says purchasing organic food, regardless of expense, is often a better choice. "Non organic foods that are conventionally grown have an immense amount of pesticides," the rep says. "Just washing fruits and vegetables doesn't help. Consistent exposure to pesticide residue has been linked to serious illnesses. So while it's more expensive, organic food is usually the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle."

The Colle rep continues, "Organic seafood has not been regulated by the government yet, so it's hard to tell what 'organic' really means when associated with seafood. Instead, stick to produce, meat and dairy when looking to purchase organic food."

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