Colle Farmers Market Affirms Organic Food Contains More Antioxidants

Following an article posted by the Deccan Chronicle, Colle Farmers Market, an advocate of organic food, discusses a study revealing the benefits of organic food and how it contains more antioxidants

BOHEMIA, NY / / Colle Farmers Market, an advocate of organic food, affirms that organic foods have more health benefits than traditionally grown foods, and discusses the findings of a recent European Union study.

According to an article posted by Deccan Chronicle titled "Go Organic," consumer demand in organic food has reached an all time high, with no signs of a significant decline. The article says the rise in demand could be attributed to the increase in knowledge surrounding organic food. Research has suggested that organic food is healthier than conventionally grown food. In fact, a recent $25 million study, called the Quality Low Input Food project and conducted by the European Union, found that organic food actually is more nutritious and could improve human health.

The article says researchers in the study grew fruits, vegetables and raised cattle on adjacent organic and non-organic fields for four years. The article says there were three key findings to this study:

- Organic produce contained 40 percent more antioxidants.

- Organic produce also possessed higher levels of minerals, such as zinc and iron.

- Milk from organically fed animals contained 90 percent more antioxidants.

A representative from Colle Farmers Market says this study shows scientific evidence that affirms the benefits of organic food. "For years, researchers have been studying the health benefits of organic food," the Colle rep explains. "This European Union study found that organic products had higher levels of nutrients than their non organic counterparts. As long as research continues to prove how valuable it is to grow organic and eat organic, we can be sure to see a continuous rise in the organic market."

The Colle rep says organic food is also better for children and the environment. "Food grown with pesticides can be harmful to human health, especially babies," he says. "Feeding your child organic food can significantly reduce the amount of toxins in the body, and reinforce the baby's immune system with antioxidants. Because organic food is so natural, it does not harm the environment. It leaves soil healthy and absent of dangerous chemicals."

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SOURCE: Colle Farmers Market

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