Coconut Oil Living Publishes New Tips on Saving Money at the Dentist

The use of coconut oil as a mouth rinse helps to reduce bacteria in the mouth along with halitosis, reports

Healthcare costs continue to generate a great deal of interest, with many wanting to see The Affordable Care Act expanded and others wishing to see it abolished. Although the insurance marketplace offers access to dental insurance, many find they cannot afford to purchase this coverage. Those who do are often surprised to see that it doesn't cover many of the costs associated with dental care. Coconut Oil Living helps those individuals by publishing tips on how to save money on dental work, including using coconut oil as a mouth rinse.

"Brushing and flossing are essential for good oral health, yet bacteria may still build up in the mouth. Ask your dentist and you may be surprised to learn the average human mouth has anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 bacteria. When the mouth is not clean, this number quickly increases to anywhere from 100 million to one billion, leading to the formation of plaque. By pushing, pulling and sucking coconut oil through the teeth, individuals can easily kill this bacteria. Fractionated coconut oil has really come to the forefront of people's attention in todays health con and this is only one reason why," Sylvia Park, spokesperson for Coconut Oil Living, explains.

As the coconut oil is swished in the mouth, it picks up bacteria hiding in the pores, tubules and gums, removing other toxins along the way. In addition to removing this bacteria, the oil whitens teeth, makes the teeth and gums healthier and stronger and reduces halitosis. Some users also report they witness a reduction in sinus issues, headaches, and jaw pain with regular use of this oil.

Parks recommends individuals use the oil daily for 20 minutes for optimal results to save on dental work. In addition, those looking to cut costs in this area need to take advantage of promotional deals and local daily deal sites. Many dentists now participate in these programs, allowing consumers to save on routine dental work.

The secret to successful results lies in finding quality fractionated coconut oil that people love to use everyday in their lives. With many places to choose from and many brands of oil, consumers often find they struggle to know which product is best for their needs. Fractionated coconut oil is oil which has undergone a chemical process to make it more stable without removing the natural properties of the oil itself. The process ensures the oil doesn't go bad and some of the benefits associated with use of this oil increase as a result of the chemical process. For example, the process increases the concentration of certain acids responsible for the disinfecting properties of the oil.

"Where is the best please you can purchase fractionated coconut oil these day's online? This is the question many ask when they learn the benefits of this amazing product. Visit Coconut Oil Living to learn the answer to this question and many more. Coconut oil can be used as a mouthwash, sunscreen, to treat dandruff and more. Individuals who learn the many uses of this natural product often wonder how they ever did without it in the past. Try it today for great results," Park declares.

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