Coconut Oil Living Launches Awareness Campaign Encouraging Use of Natural Products

The company is anxious to educate consumers as to how coconut oil makes it possible to have healthier homes and bodies.

The American Cancer Society has released numerous reports in recent years about the dangers of chemicals found in hair care products and cosmetics. Websites are exposing the many chemicals commonly found in everyday foods in the United States, but are banned in other countries. These reports have resulted in many Americans searching for healthy, natural alternatives. This is why Coconut Oil Living is drawing attention to their campaign to boost the awareness of the multitude of uses for all-natural coconut oil.

Company owner, website administrator and spokesperson Sylvia Park explained why she feels coconut oil should be used in every home. “The number of coconut oil health benefits is almost endless. It is a product that is perfect as a natural food and as an external beauty product. Those of us who work at use coconut oil so much in our lives today, I think we would be helpless without it.”

The company wants consumers to know that coconut oil can be used in the home to replace many common household products. “It is perfect for polishing cast iron pans. It is safe for cats and dogs to ingest and it can reduce the frequency of hairballs in cats. It is an amazing skin care product. It can reduce age spots, soothe dry skin and eliminate fine lines. It conditions and brings out the natural luster in all hair types, can prevent and soothe a sunburn and even makes a fantastic preventative for stretch marks when used during pregnancy.” Park explained.

In addition to these uses and its health benefits, coconut oil is also a consumable product. “We love helping people learn new recipes that utilize coconut oil. Or discovering how they can take their favorite recipe and substitute coconut oil for the less healthy fats and oils they were using to make a diet-friendly, but still delicious dish,” stated Park, “We encourage our customers to contact us with new ideas or to visit our website to discover new uses for this amazing product. We are so enthusiastic about this oil and the advice and information we offer. We really want everyone to experience how wonderful coconut oil actually is.”

About Coconut Oil Living

Sylvia Park started this company as a fun hobby, simply out of her own curiosity. Once she become entranced with the stunning array of uses for this simple, affordable and safe ingredient, she felt she could not keep all of the knowledge to herself. The Coconut Oil Living website provides many suggestions for cosmetic use, recipes for creating a variety of healthy and delicious foods and helps their readers track down the best deals for purchasing oil for their own use. Her company researches every claim and ensures it is accurate before they ever share it with their readers.

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