Coach L Clayton helping women find the courage to live intentionally in life.

Coach L CLaytong offers a 6-month program that will help women change their lives through proper self-development tools and techniques.

Coach L Clayton is a certified accountability strategy coach specializing in working with women going through career and personal struggle. Without the help of the right self-development tools, it is hard to accomplish the goals in life honestly. The only way to truly achieve personal growth is to clarify what women truly want in life. The accountability coach will guide women through the steps needed and hold them accountable for success.

Through her experience and struggles with several businesses, procrastination, and turning it all around, Coach L Clayton will help other women change their lives around. Coach L Clayton will guide women through the proper self-improvement tools necessary to achieve their goals and help them stay consistent. She has worked with women worldwide and helped them gain the confidence and self-esteem needed to change their lives.

Coach L Clayton offers a 6-month program that will allow clients to renew their life and achieve their personal goals. Clients will be guided to identify roadblocks and the root causes of why things aren’t getting done. Besides that, Coach L Clayton will also help clients clarify the type of business they want to start. Through her coaching, she has helped many clients to generate monthly income from a simple idea.

The program works by having Coach L Clayton walk clients through how they can live in purpose and develop the life they truly deserve. Constant tracking of progress and adjustment during the coaching session to ensure goals are achieved and on the right track. The program is designed to ensure that clients enjoy this journey of change and create a life they truly deserve.

Coach L Clayton promises 100% confidentiality between her and the clients as some things are tough to share. Weekly coaching calls will be done to help clients work through any obstacles or challenges they face. A new goal will then be set for the week. Clients will also be trained on how to set goals correctly and break them down weekly for the most significant impact.

“With great confidence in the services provided, I will provide a full refund to clients who are not happy with their results,” said Coach L Clayton. “As long as they’re able to prove they had completed all the exercises correctly, followed my directions, and attended the full six months coaching session.”

The program starts at the price of $750 a month, and with the first monthly installment charges at 50% which is $375. Clients that are committed can invest the six months upfront and get the first month free for a total of $3,750. Clients can apply for a free self-improvement discovery call to review coaching options with Coach L Clayton before signing up for the program.

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About Coach L Clayton

Coach L Clayton is a certified accountability strategy coach that specialized in working with women who are going through career and personal burnout. The coach will help the women to find the courage to live purposely and have a breakthrough in life. Through proven techniques and coaching, Coach L Clayton will help women take needed action to live the life they deserve truly.

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