Co-Founder of Clovery USA Foundation (CUF) Warren Zhong Announces "Love Initiative" Program to Help Heal the USA

Clovery USA Foundation is proposing a 1.5 to 2 billion USD investment by the Biden administration to begin a four years campaign that will teach Asian American history and culture and promote ideals of stop Asian hate now

Co-founder of Clovery USA Foundation (CUF), Warren Zhong, announces the "Love Initiative" program to help heal the soul of the USA in the wake of the nation's current high volume of Asian Hate Crime. Mr. Zhong, who has been inspired by Biden’s "a time to heal" phrase during the campaign, proposes a 1.5 to 2 billion USD investment by the Biden administration to jumpstart the program in the next four years.

The foundation will execute a massive nationwide campaign to educate people about Asian American history and stop Asian hate now. CUF’s Love Initiate will update the school system to include Asian American history and culture and provide teachers training on historical and cultural elements of Asian American people.

Using their website (, they will be launching a "say no to hate, say yes to love" and "#stopasianhatenow" campaign that will be on T-shirts and headband, apron, tote bags. The merchandise will be sent to all US congress members, senators, governors, President Biden and First Lady, Vice President and Second Gentlemen, and all former presidents. The campaign will also include well-respected celebrities, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and others who have shown support and solidarity for the Asian American community.

Clovery USA Foundation will also be organizing sports, cultural, and art events to unite communities across the nation and promote love, care, and family values. The events will include the "First Annual Run For Love Clover Marathon," which will be taking place in January 2022. They will also organize the "Plank For Love Clover Plank Challenge" by the end of November 2021. CUF will also reach out to the NBA, NFL, and other professional sports venues to ask for their collaborations for the love initiative campaign to display the #stopasianhatenow half-time show and ad campaign.

Clovery USA Foundation will also be organizing a love ambassador campaign to encourage social media influencers to join the love initiative program. Love ambassadors will help promote a nationwide "say yes to love, say no to hate" campaign to reach thousands of communities across The United States.

In 2023, CUF will recruit photographers across the nation to participate in the "We are American” photoshoot. They will also be having a "We are American" art exhibition at the national museum of history in DC.

Alongside the love initiative, a young local activist, Faye Liu, has launched her nonprofit organization National Asian Women Advocacy Group (, focusing on empowering Asian American women. The group will be launching a brand name "we are all amazing" limited edition shirt and bag. They are also planning to send the t-shirt to all female congress members, senators, governors, First Lady, and former First Ladies.

CUF and NAWAG will be launching their initial fundraising campaign on shortly to help them raise initial seeds fund to jumpstart their "love initiative" and "we are all amazing mission."

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About Clovery USA Foundation

Clovery USA Foundation is a group established by a collection of passionate community activities to create communities that exist in love, care, and friendliness. They organize events, workshops, shows, and rallies to educate people on the importance of living together in peace and harmony for society's growth and development.

About National Asian Women Advocacy Group

National Asian Women Advocacy Group is a network of individuals who combine their efforts to empower, strengthen, and unite Asian American women. They come together to promote ideas they care about and help build a society with justice and equity for all.

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