CNET Offers Quality Review for Free MKV to AVI Converter

CNET editorial review confirms with confidence that Free MKV to AVI Converter handles converting videos very nicely while maintain the original video quality.

This is a simple video converter with simple functionalities and can easily be customized. Users can have an all new video file within a few minutes with the help of this video converter. This is going to be a great tool for those who have mkv video files but are unsure how to use them for playback. Free MKV to AVI Converter is a two way converting tool.

Free MKV to AVI Converter is a program that is really simple to use. MKV files are the standard file formats of audios or videos. Microsoft has introduced AVI as a multimedia container in November 1992. This was brought up as a part of Video for Windows Technology. These AVI files can have audio as well as video data in the container.

This is a small program of only 8.7 MB in file size and does an awesome job to convert mkv to avi. This software does not take much time to download with a quick install. This specially designed software does not come with any unnecessary software or unwanted add-ons. The UI is basic and user friendly software which can be trimmed down to size depending on the user specifications. This software converting tool does not offer a ton of the advanced features, which can make it complicated to use in the end. This is customized software that is enabled to offer exactly what is required for the user experience.

This free MKV to AVI software is good to convert single files and whole folders as well. Users can do that clicking on the Plus labeled icon or drag and drop the files into the tool interface. The software lets the users save the videos at the location of their choice.

This converter works on a high speed. The program takes just 45 seconds to convert a MKV video to AVI of one minute long. This converter offers a fast and consistent performance, in spite of not being a universal converter.

Free MKV to AVI converter review has proved itself to be of great use of many users. Lonnie Scott is a regular user. He says, “This is a great review on video and audio converters indeed. I often look for MKV converters for my personal as well as professional use. I used to look for these converters every time in search pages. But nothing really gave me a real solution. Few of them are in fact really time consuming. I tried many of them. This review has been a great help in identifying a good converter.”

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