Recommends Official CNA Resume Manual Named Book Of The Month By Kindle Editor’s Picks

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The Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter Manual is one of the best books of the month according to Amazon Kindle’s editor’s picks, and according to industry experts CNA Exam Cram.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is an accessible way into the medical field supporting nurses in the important work they do. The qualifications to become a CNA are relatively affordable when looked at in view of the salaries they open up, and CNA’s are in high demand in the medical field. As such, more people need good advice on how to qualify and land their first role, and provides that and so much more. The website has been getting a lot of attention lately for their resources on exam prep, certification information and application guides, and they have now recommended The Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter Manual.

The Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter Manual is a comprehensive guide to producing winning resumes and cover letters for CNA jobs. It includes multiple existing CVs as well as templates to match formatting and style guides, together with advice and guidance on what and how to present an applicant’s skills and experience, the book runs to a healthy 90 pages.

CNA Exam Cram highly recommends the CNA resume writing guide because it is extremely comprehensive and costs less than $4 on Kindle, making it the single best investment CNA’s could make. The only book of its kind, it teaches how to write cover letters as well as resumes, and gives readers 10 CNA resume templates and 10 CNA cover letter templates with real information inside of them.

A spokesperson for The CNA Exam Cram explained, “We are very careful about what we recommend to our users, be it courses and qualifications, careers advice, certification renewals or indeed, resources like this book. Even with this caution, however, we were bowled over by the quality and comprehensiveness of the digital tome. While we have made our own efforts to brief people on writing their CNA resume, we consider this an ideal introduction to ideas that the book will help our users master. It seems we are not the only ones who are amazed at the quality of the guide with Kindle Editor’s making it one of their books of the month.”

About The CNA Exam Cram: The CNA Exam Cram is an authoritative site that is devoted to helping people become a Certified Nursing Assistant or also known as a CNA. They provide free CNA practice tests, resume samples, certification information and anything else that is needed for someone to enter the wonderful field of being a CNA.

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