CNA Edu Responds To Recent Media Coverage With Expansion Of Nursing Career Resources

CNA Edu have responded to recent claims of a severe shortage in certified nursing assistants by publishing new material helping newcomers understand how to get qualified in the field of health care.

The healthcare system in America is in need of reform, but until then existing medical professionals must do what they can within the current system. The problems and challenges they face can often seem daunting, and qualified nursing assistants do a vast amount of support work that prevents doctors and other professionals from becoming overwhelmed. Due to improvements in the treatment of disease and increased life expectancy, the strain is at an all time high, and there is a chronic shortage of certified nursing assistants. CNA Edu is a website designed to change that.

CNA Edu provides a resource center for anyone with even a passing interest in a career as a certified nursing assistant, explaining the process of qualification and the kind of personal attributes one must cultivate to effectively support the health services. Crucially, it provides information on what a lucrative career move it can be, and opportunities for advancement upon entry into the field.

In response to recent news of a shortage, the website has updated its list of nursing assistant schools and published up to date nurse aide requirements to better assist individuals in making the career move. Their mission has been to make the career accessible to the millions currently looking for employment in America, solving two of the country’s challenges at once.

A spokesperson for CNA Edu explained, “Thanks to a wave of aging baby boomers, epidemics of diabetes and obesity, and the Affordable Care Act, which aims to bring health care coverage to millions more Americans, the United States faces a severe shortage of primary health care providers. While there is still as much interest as ever in becoming a doctor, certified nursing assistants in fact do the lion’s share of the support work for qualified professionals and without them, the whole system falls down. That’s why we’ve redoubled our efforts to engage individuals in this exciting career prospect.”

About CNA Edu:
CNA Edu is dedicated to providing comprehensive resources to those seeking instruction on how to become eligible to work as a certified nurse aide. The website offers CNA classes information organized by state and city. The courses listed are approved by the state registries and qualify applicants for state examinations. CNAedu gives prospective nursing assistants the information necessary to start a successful health care career.

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