Clipsley Pets & Aquatics Launches Free Dog Food Initiative

Pet experts Clipsley Pets & Aquatics today launch a new initiative, designed to encourage dog owners to feed their dogs healthier, more flavoursome foods, which can be consumed by even food-intolerant pets.

It’s not just humans who can experience intolerance towards certain types of food. Some dogs can also find some varieties of pet food hard to digest, and additionally, there are a number of dogs who will reject food, simply based on its flavour.

Clipsley Pets & Aquatics specialise in dog food that not only provides all the necessary nutrients, but also has an appealing taste and is designed to be suitable for even sensitive canine stomachs. This week, they launch a new initiative, offering free dog food samples with every order of 2kg or more from their range of their own brand, Pear Tree Farm Dry Dog Food.

Through their extensive experience working with dogs, Clipsley Pets & Aquatics have developed an in-depth understanding into how important a nutritionally balanced diet is in terms of keeping dogs healthy.

When developing the Pear Tree Farm dog food range, they worked with animal nutritionists from Europe's leading dry food manufacturer to create a product which is designed to keep dogs fit and healthy, whilst also offering palatable flavours that are easy to digest. They’ve also made sure it’s free from many of the ingredients and additives to which some dogs are intolerant.

Pear Tree Farm Complete Dry Dog Food is suitable for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds. It was launched it in 2009 and now outsells leading brands; the ingredients come directly from British manufacturers and there are no middle-men involved, which enables Clipsley Pets & Aquatics to keep the prices down as low as possible.

There are a range of reasons why Pear Tree Farm Dry Dog Food is often popular with dog owners. It’s made from high quality, natural ingredients, and it comes in a range of flavours, tailored specifically to appeal to even fussy dogs. It also has the official seal of approval from vets, establishing it as a nutritious, healthy food product.

Paul Chesworth, co-owner of Clipsley Pets & Aquatics, has fed his own dog Pear Tree Farm Complete Dog Food ever since she was a puppy.

“When we’re out with her people always comment on how well she looks and how soft and shiny her coat is,” he states. “I’ve always found that personal recommendation is the best way to buy any products with confidence.”

Paul adds: “We have found that at least 60% of our New Pear Tree Farm Dog Food customers were recommended the food by family or friends - people who are existing customers of ours who are very happy with the price, the quality and the health and fitness of their dogs.”

About Clipsley Pets & Aquatics:

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