Climbing Frames Launches New Website To Promote Their New Progress Tracking App

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Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracking System is a brand new app for tracking the academic development of children in schools, which is now available for purchase through a newly launched website.

Every child is unique, and it is common knowledge that development in such a wide range of subjects as English, Maths, Science and Physical Education will vary greatly between different children. Understandably, parents who have raised their children to schooling age can feel suddenly plunged into darkness about their development, handed over to teachers sometimes with little feedback. The Climbing Frames has created a new app that enables teachers to let parents in on the progress tracking of their children, and has launched a new website ( to promote the product.

The website describes in detail how the app works and what it is capable of delivering, together with a detailed account of the features and the way in which parents and teachers can use them to work together and provide the best educational support for children.

It enables individuals to record attainment and progress on a regular basis, identify who is on, below or above trajectory to succeed, support pupils who have fallen below trajectory, and stretch others as well as having the flexibility to plan future lessons to meet needs more precisely, creating a more personalized learning experience for children.

A spokesperson for Climbing Frames : explained, “The app has been created to bridge the gap between parents and teachers and in doing so, create a better, richer and more responsive experience for the children themselves as they learn. The potential of this app is massive, which is why we had to launch a website specifically to promote the app in its own right. Now, individuals looking for educational aids and tools and development tracking can find the site organically through search engines, potentially transforming the future of their children in the process.”

About Climbing Frames: The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracking App is a digital assessment framework that replaces the now defunct national curriculum levels. It relates directly to the new curriculum and enables individual pupil’s progress to be tracked across foundation and core subjects. The tracker offers a complete set of assessment frames and record sheets for National Curriculum subjects in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, including reports for parents, allowing teachers to track attainment and progress over time, using an approach that is familiar and intuitive to use.

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Name: Howard Sharron
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