ClickKosh – A Powerful Tool Allows Marketers To Turn Their Boring Images Into High-Engaging Images

Do you know the fact that almost all people will view, scroll and then make a purchase? However, they do not spend too much time going through all of any page with full of text, so you must outperform your site to impress them.

There are, currently, tons of the same websites; for that reason, marketers need to make a difference to their site. However, one of the biggest mistakes is that they cram as much text as possible onto their pages, which makes viewers get tired and impatient. As a result, Roshni Dhal has been launched a brand new tool named ClickKosh that allows online marketers to make their site more engaging.

ClickKosh is one of the most state-of-the-art tools that enables business owners to generate hotspots on their images. With these spots, viewers can easily click on and see the in-depth view of the product. Besides, the viewers are also able to go to to a link to see the site of product, click to call them, send them an email or whatever action they wish to take.

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Research shows that using innovative visual engagement system will help marketers drive more traffic and stand out the competition. Therefore, making use of ClickKosh will let them save lots of time and money on creating content and ads. All marketers need to do is to convert the current traffic into their prospects.

When getting ClickKosh tool, users can discover some powerful features such as Visual Campaign Creator, Multiple Click-To-Action Hotspots, Adobe Image Editor Inbuilt, Facebook Tab Integration, Hotspot Animated Icons, Youzign And Designopro2 Integrated and much more.

With Visual Campaign Creator which is an advanced and easy-to-use point and drop technology, people just have to upload images they want as well as pick up icon from the library with simple and animated presets.

Unlimited Hotspot campaigns is another outstanding feature. With this utility, users can be free to create unlimited links for their images. Not to mention, they can use Adobe Image Editor Inbuilt to create from scratch or edit available image freely with state of the tools. Thanks to these, they will no need to waste money on hiring a professional designer or outsourcing.

In addition, ClickKosh tool also includes more than 600 hotspot animated icons which users only need to click and pick the style suiting their brand the most. Not only that, but this tool is also integrated with YouZign and DesignoPro2. Both of them are the best graphic designing tools that they can take advantage of when using this ClickKosh.

More powerful features of ClickKosh tool can be found on their official site when clicking here.

ClickKosh tool has produced impressive results for beta users no matter which niche, business size, brand, etc. Thus, e-commerce store owners, social media marketers, website owners, affiliate marketer, bloggers or whoever else can obtain to use it and get the results with ease.

For the reason that visitors can have a detailed overview on the product they launch, click to call to them in a unique way, marketers achieve more and more prospect and make their business outstanding comparing to the others out there.

In a nutshell, this is a product that online marketers should have and utilize for gaining better results without experience and special skills required.

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