Click2Sell Launches Sales Prospecting Software In Face Of Decreasing Cold Call Impact

Simplified prospecting software from Click2Sell allows users to focus on effectively finalizing more sales.

In the past, companies selling everything from vending machine snacks to salvage auto parts relied heavily on cold calling customers to increase sales revenue; at the time, it was the only effective method available to them. With rapidly evolving technology, the effectiveness of this technique has dwindled greatly. Though some businesses continue to hold cold calling dear to their advertising strategies, research from the marketing industry indicates such methods no longer create the same impact they once did. In an effort to offer businesses a more productive means of generating clients, Click2Sell has launched their sales prospecting software.

A spokesperson from Click2Sell stated, "The internet has opened up sales opportunities to businesses they never dreamed possible during the years when cold calling topped the list of promising advertising strategies. Our software offers the benefit of control over a company's targeted sales demographic combined with a simplified prospecting process; in addition, we provide a number of extra features for managing follow up activity once a customer has been drawn in or reclaimed."

Currently, an estimated 90 percent of cold calls go unanswered. Although this indicates 10 percent of those calls are answered, these figures fail to account for the number of less than enthusiastic responses from prospective customers. Only 1 to 2 percent result in actual sales or a meeting that could potentially lead to future sales. The new software available from Click2Sell builds a more modern sales platform. Clients are presented with a content building wizard, which allows them to create effective content for their marketing campaigns.

Sales prospecting software users are able to add their own list of contacts into the program, or they may purchase target contacts from Click2Sell. Once their contact list reaches a certain low point, the software notifies them of the need to input more potential customers. Once their created content generates the desired leads from the preset list of contacts, customers expect prompt responses to their calls and emails. Click2Sell's response management feature allows users to do just that. One simple click generates the appropriate reply to their customers, and the contact is automatically updated.

This method has proven to be far more effective in generating brand interest and recognition than traditional methods, as well as being simpler and less time consuming than those techniques; furthermore, it is 60 percent less expensive per lead. Once a potential customer shows interest, the appointment setting software automatically sets up meetings, creating and scheduling any necessary follow up emails. The automated process facilitates the sales process and provides simple tracking of each prospect along the path to increased sales.

Concluded the Click2Sell spokesperson, "Ultimately, every company's goal is increased sales. With our easy to use software, businesses are able to set up their contact list and set the program on autopilot. Without the hassle and wasted time associated with cold calling, they are able to focus on their clients and build strategies to close their deals. We offer them less expensive operation, a much simpler process and increased sales through our user-friendly software."

About Click2Sell:
Created by sales professionals for sales professionals, the goal of Click2Sell is to eliminate the wasted time associated with cold calling and emailing. Their highly effective software has helped companies bring in thousands of clients, set up meetings with them and generate millions of dollars in sales.

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