Clever Use Of Time Change Pulls Global Sales For Students’ Online Business

Possibly making him the only person who enjoyed losing an hour of sleep, the young entrepreneur has used the time change as a tactic to help draw in massive sales for his online skincare business.

Exchanging one less hour of sleep, for one more hour of sunlight, the spring equinox marks the yearly date for setting the clocks ahead an hour. And in today’s society, almost $100 billion is spent annually on hiding and reversing the appearances caused from lack of sleep. Cleverly reminding people that the time change will be doing so, and creating ‘a dreaded tired appearance’,the comical tactic proved to be an astronomical success for ‘Flawless Organics’.

Using the innovative tactic, Flawless Organics drew in worldwide sales of their newest products ‘Face Lift Lotion’ and ‘Daytime Eye Cream’, used to quickly restore and reverse the appearance of tired looking skin and puffy under eye bags. The young entrepreneur behind the company stated, “We wanted to play on the fact that usually most people that lose an hour of sleep can be spotted quickly, since they aren’t the ones walking around bright eyed and bushy tailed that day. Lack of sleep is a major cause of premature aging, and with the time change happening and people losing an hour of sleep, we wanted to playfully remind them that they would be looking a bit worn down for a while.”

Using social media and other online marketing ploys, the young entrepreneur hit the web promoting the fact that the new organic products ‘Face Lift Lotion’ and ‘Daytime Eye Cream’ instantly reverse tired looking skin and reduce swelling of the eyes. And by tapping into consumer’s anxiety of looking tired and restless, the young entrepreneurs’ clever and ingenious tactic created massive success for the new products, possibly making him the only person that enjoyed getting 1 less hour of sleep this year.

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