Clear Choice Cookware Launches Trending Griller Basket On Amazon

Clear Choice Cookware is adding new products and product sets to its line in response to consumer requests. American families are demanding high quality grilling merchandise, including non-stick cookware, to enhance today’s lifestyles.

Clear Choice Cookware, a subsidiary of Clear Choice Services, LLC, has just announced the release of their new product line which complements the griller basket that they are currently selling. The barbecue accessories in their on-line stores are specifically designed to answer the requests expressed by millions of US consumers.

Grilling is the oldest form of cooking known to man. Grilling meats over an open flame adds a flavor that is unmatched by any other method of cooking. The combination of intense heat and slow cooking creates meats that are seared on the outside, but moist and juicy on the inside. While indoor chefs try to get a similar effect by broiling meats in the oven, broiling does not provide that special taste that only comes from grilling.

Today's grills and the accessories that are now available for them mean that nearly anything can be cooked on a grill. Fish, shrimp, scallops, whole chickens and vegetables can all be on the menu for a grilled meal, making it unnecessary to heat up the house on hot days. Grill baskets make it all possible.

These bbq accessories are simple yet ingenious - a great way to grill delicate foods such as fish and vegetables without them dropping through or sticking to the grating. These baskets hold food securely above the grill grates so the contents can be easily stirred and the whole pan can be simply moved over the coals to accommodate other food, like steaks, that is grilling at the same time.

They come in regular and non-stick varieties as well as in many sizes. Use of a corn basket, for instance, can eliminate the all-too-common problem of charring when grilling whole corn ears. Larger grilling baskets can accommodate vegetables and smaller meat items at the same time. Some of these baskets feature long, detachable handles. Most grill pans allow the grill lid to be closed during cooking to maximize flavor.

Adding a Clear Choice griller basket to the grill can empower its function. To cook vegetables, fish, diced chicken, pork or beef, it is recommended for the taste it creates as well as for the effortless cleanup.

Outdoor grilling is nowhere near as demanding now with new methods for enhancing the preparation and taste of foods. Nothing brings out the flavor in your foods like the grill basket by Clear Choice Cookware does. It has holes for enhancing the flavor of the foods being grilled while containing the food during the grilling process. The higher sides make sure the food does not fall out.

The Clear Choice Grill Basket, which is available on Amazon or through its website has features that include:

• Specifically designed to give vegetables great flavor, it is easy to clean and maintains its appearance for years.
• It is guaranteed for two years.
• This grill basket is ideal for vegetables, fish, and diced chicken, pork or beef.
• Use it on an outdoor charcoal, gas, or electric grill or an indoor chargrilled burner.
• When you have removed the barbecued food from it, dop the grill topper pan in a sink filled with soap and water and wipe it clean.
• The beautiful appearance of the grill basket is retained after extensive grilling usage.
• The superior manufacturing process eliminates burrs and sharp edges for your safety.
• The FDA and Europe have tested and approved the non-stick coating.
• The coating has been declared free of PTFE and PFOA.

The Clear Choice Grill Basket is currently on sale for $28.95 and can be purchased by visiting

Clear Choice Cookware is a subsidiary of Clear Choice Services, LLC, a multi-industry company that provides physical products for the healthcare, home and kitchen, and the patio, lawn, and garden markets. The company’s website at contains additional information.

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