Cleaning Star on the frontline preventing the spread of COVID-19

Top cleaning company commits to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in Sydney with a range of sanitation services.

Cleaning Star has joined the frontline as one of the businesses intent on preventing the spread of COVID-19. The business is offering a plethora of commercial cleaning services to companies in the Sydney area. All of these services are built around the most stringent guidelines to ensure they create COVID-safe areas. They aim to sanitise work surfaces and remove any virus particles from the work area.

This news comes after lockdown arrangements are being lifted in New South Wales. Businesses are being told to ease back into the swing of things and open their doors once more. Naturally, they're also encouraged to take stricter safety measures to ensure the virus has no chance of spreading. One thing that can do this is the routine cleaning of offices and other commercial spaces.

The New Normal
Australia has been in a paused state since the middle of March. Businesses have been either operating from home or not operating at all. This has caused a dramatic increase in the unemployment rate across the nation, damaging the economy. Thankfully, through hard work and dedication, Australia has flattened the curve and saw a decrease in COVID-19 infections. This has led to parts of the country being opened back up, with businesses opening their doors once more.

However, the country is not back to normal just yet. Instead, it's in a new phase, with companies and individuals encouraged to adapt to a 'new normal.' Any open businesses will have to enforce physical distancing measures and take other steps to keep people safe.

Cleaning Star has come out to lead the charge by offering disinfection and sanitisation services for any business in Sydney. All the cleaning services adhere to the NSW government health protocols, ensuring that businesses are COVID-free. It's a huge step that can help more small businesses open back up and trade with confidence. In turn, this can stimulate the economy and help raise Australia back up.

About Cleaning Star
Cleaning Star is a local cleaning company with over 23 years of experience. They have worked with thousands of satisfied customers, including some of the most well-known businesses in the Sydney area. The company employs professionally-trained cleaners that adhere to the tightest cleaning policies. As well as providing office and commercial cleaning services, they also offer residential and Strata cleaning.

The company has made a name for itself by delivering a quality service that's full of innovations. They remain committed to helping Sydney in the fightback against COVID-19. By offering affordable cleaning services to businesses around the city, they hope to allow more companies to open up and welcome customers.

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