Cleaning Industry Experts Give Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning is something that every homeowner goes through once the snow melts and days get longer. Cleaning services industry experts give some tips n how to make this activity a little more fun.

With the weather getting better and days getting longer, a lot of people are looking into decluttering their houses and cleaning their living space. To maximize their efforts and making spring cleaning a fun and ecofriendly task, cleaning services industry experts came together to discuss what kind of tricks every homeowner could use such as recycling, setting up a spring mood, and having fun.

“First of all – recycle everything when possible,” said Mark Gilbert, owner of The Maids Ashburn. “Old recyclable batteries should go to Home Depot or any other store that can recycle them.”

According to Gilbert, recycling old batteries is very important for the nature. He also suggested that light bulbs should also be recycled along with batteries. While traditional, incandescent light bulbs are safe for the trash, fluorescent bulbs, including the twisty Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs must be taken to special recycling places.

Batteries and light bulbs may contain such substances as acid, lead, nickel, lithium, cadmium, alkaline and nickel metal hydride. Sending them to trash will potentially impose a danger to the soil and air. Therefore, it is important to stay mindful of the environment and do everything possible to recycle such materials.

“Spring cleaning is not just about of getting rid of dirt and old stuff in the house,” said Jena Touray, vice president of operations of Rhode Island cleaning company. “It is about setting the right mood and having fun. Spring is the time when nature is renewing, so should the living space.”

Touray suggested that changing décor elements such as accent cushions, flowers, candles, etc. may dramatically improve general feel in the house. Using essential oils to add some fresh scent to the house is one of many ideas that any homeowner can capitalize on.

Another idea that can potentially help with such daunting task as spring cleaning is to divide responsibilities in between family members and develop a contest or come up with prizes, treats, award, etc. to encourage family, especially younger generation, to partake in the cleaning activities.

“One of my personally favorite spring cleaning fun thing is a cleaning dance off,” admitted Karen Berry, co-owner of Tampa Bay area cleaning service franchise. “Select a playlist, create a theme like, per say 90’s, and see who can dance the best while cleaning. Don’t forget a fun reward!”

These are just a small portion of ideas that can enhance spring cleaning or at least motivate homeowners to start the warm season in the right way with a clean house.

“Nothing spells out spring as spring cleaning and a fresh look and feel of the house,” concluded Touray.

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