Classic "A" Body Mopar Enthusiast Forum,, Celebrates A Decade As The Leading Authority In Mopar

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS / April 22, 2014 - With over 30,000 members, has become the largest and leading authority online for information focused on "A" Body Classic Mopar cars and is pleased to celebrate a decade of serving the community., a website and forum dedicated to the Classic Mopar automobile, is now on its 10th year of serving enthusiasts of the "A" Body Mopar.

With over 100,000 visits per month, the For A Bodies Only forum has become one of the most well known Classic Mopar enthusiast's site. It has brought together over 32,000 individuals who are real aficionados of iconic car models Plymouth Barracuda, Dodge Dart, Plymouth Duster and Dodge Demon.

The "A" Body Mopar has reigned as the premiere Muscle Car for over 20 years and today, they are Classics sought after by many, who have found home in Over the past decade, the website and forum has amassed more than 2.5 million posts from "A" Body Classic Mopar devotees. has become the largest forum of its kind on the web, where people get to ask questions - and get answers from fellow automobile enthusiasts - about their Classic Dodge, Plymouth or Chrysler A Body automobile. The automotive forum also functions as an online car club where members have meets, share advice, encourage each other, and discuss their common love for A Mopar Bodies.

Car enthusiasts looking for Plymouth Duster parts, Mopar engines, racing and performance Mopar Parts will find what they are looking for at Members visit and participate in the Classic Mopar Forum to buy or sell Mopar parts, or just to connect with other A Body owners from around the world.

Over the past decade, has added several additional forums to cater to a growing number of specific topics and discussions. Joining the forum is free and simply requires interested individuals to register.

To find out more about the A Body Mopar forum that is now on its 10th year of delighting owners and fans of classic rides, please visit for further information.

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For A Bodies Only is the one of the largest A Body Classic Mopar forums on the internet. With more than 30,000 members, 2.5 million posts and 100,000 visits, has become a highly popular automotive forum and online car club now running on its 10th year.

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