Clairvoyant Beratla Publishes Most Comprehensive Guide to Master Psychics

Covering the 27 most notable psychics, alive and dead, new guide will be of interest and value to everyone from skeptics to believers seeking inspiration, Beratla K. Life Consultations reports

Polls conducted by Gallup, CBS News, and others consistently reveal that a majority of Americans believe in psychic phenomena like extrasensory perception and communing with the spirits of departed people. Believers and skeptics alike will be interested in the launch of a brand-new online guide to the most notable psychics of all time. Available now at askyourguide, the new feature goes in depth on the lives, talents, and achievements of 27 famous psychics.

Researched and written by noted Empath Beratla, herself an accomplished clairvoyant, the new guide is by far the most comprehensive to be found anywhere. The guide will help skeptics and the undecided figure out whether another look at psychic phenomena might be worthwhile, while also providing plenty of inspiration to seekers of spiritual truth. The exclusive new feature will also help readers find the most suitable psychic for their own needs as they learn about the masters of the art from the past and present. Visitors will also find many other informative, helpful resources to read and learn from.

"One of the truly striking things about psychic phenomena is how many people have, over the years, become famous for their own particular talents and accomplishments," said AskYourGuide founder and psychic empath Beratla Kasovich. "From nineteenth century pioneers like Edgar Cayce to UFO’s Psychic of the Year for 2012, Danielle Egnew, the lives and careers of these standouts have a lot to teach all those who are interested in the paranormal. Our new guide to the 27 psychics who rank as true masters is one of a kind and will make fascinating reading for everyone from hidebound skeptics to those who regularly consult psychics themselves. We're proud to offer this new guide for free to all visitors to the website."

Research firm IBISWorld calculates that the psychic services market in the United States alone generates around $2 billion in annual revenues, with around 86,000 people working in the industry at this time. The American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums estimates that celebrity-level psychics earn around $5 million annually, on average, with the many more who take home between $75,000 and $150,000 each year reflecting broad, reliable demand for their services.

As the online home of renowned clairvoyant Beratla Kasovich, AskYourGuide is a top destination for all those interested in psychic services and phenomena. With a wealth of resources detailing everything from common divination methods and love spells to the pros and cons of different styles of psychic readings, the website is full of useful, relevant information. The new guide to the lives and careers of history's 27 most accomplished psychics will be of interest and value to everyone from skeptics to believers looking for inspiration.

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