Civil War Soldier Publishes Editorial Collection With Timeline Of The Final Year Of The Civil War

Civil War Soldier is a resource center specializing in the American civil war, and has just completed its detail timeline project with a summary of the events of 1865 to end the war.

The American Civil War was one of the defining events for the nation, and by extension, for the world. The Civil War was fascinating precisely because it was a battle for the soul of America, a battle of ideology that nevertheless went to bloody extremes to find a resolution. Civil War Soldier is a website that looks at this period through the eyes of the everyday people on the ground, the union soldiers and confederate soldiers who laid down their lives. The site has been publishing timelines of every year of the war, covering the key events and when they happened. The site has just completed this collection with the year 1865.

The timeline post for 1865 is the fifth such post in the collection, starting with the outbreak of war in 1861. Each of the timeline posts keeps the dates in bold at the start of each paragraph, which explains in brief the key events and turning points that happened at the time.

The 1865 post only covers events from January to when the war ended shortly after May 4th, when Lincoln’s body was entombed. The events are described concisely but informatively, and serve to complete the site’s ongoing summary of the key events in the war.

A spokesperson for Civil War Soldier explained, “The timeline is an essential resource for anyone looking to make sense of the civil war. That said, the actual events only touch upon the insights we can gain from this period, which are much better served by insights from the people themselves, including both the major figures and the common soldiery. Our resource center goes into this detail at length, and we believe that with the completion of this project, we have made our site the best online resource for information on the American Civil War.”

About Civil War Soldier: Established in 2003, Civil War Soldier is an online historical resource center collating data and descriptions of soldiers from both the union and confederate side, including a timeline of events and key dates, gallery of pictures, and other resources. The site hopes to be an invaluable resource for history teachers, students, and all Americans who have interest on their history.

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