Cincinnati-based Eyewear Company Announces One-for-One Donation Program to Give Glasses to Local Students

Online Eyewear Startup Launches Plan to Help Students See Better While at School

A local Cincinnati based start-up, jumps into the online eyewear market, and launches a plan to help local students see better and learn better.  Through this newly announced program, Eye4Eyewear will Buy-a-Pair, Give-a-Pair in partnership with low income schools, to improve sight and learning in classrooms.

Buy-a-Pair, Give-a-Pair has been a leading model for progressive companies that wish to make a meaningful difference. For that reason, Eye4Eyewear will offer Buy-a-Pair Give-a-Pair on all glasses purchased. The Eye4Eyewear Foundation, the nonprofit outreach arm, will manage the Buy-a-Pair Give-a-Pair project. The donated pairs will go to low income schools in a revolutionary partnership.

Eye4Eyewear, health partners, and low income schools have come together to start the program See in School. See in School will be managed by the Eye4Eyewear Foundation, and provide a pair of glasses for each child. These pairs will be used in the event the student’s normal pair is lost, broken, or missing that day. See in School has had a warm welcome from teachers, administrators, and by the communities it serves.

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Name: Hugh McManus
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Address: Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
Phone: 513-321-0529

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